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What Is OmniBlue?

Natural, solar concentrated, full-spectrum liquid minerals are extracted and harvested from the pristine ocean off the Australian coast.

One teaspoon serving of OmniBlue contains:

  • 420 mg of pure ionized MAGNESIUM
  • 1075 mg ELECTROLYTES
  • 70 mg POTASSIUM
  • Low sodium — 98% of salt naturally extracted

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Why Minerals From The Ocean?

OCEAN MINERAL COMPOSITION = HUMAN MINERAL COMPOSITION  Our body's mineral composition exactly matches that of the ocean.  Your body is 90% water/electrolytes and these balanced minerals are essential in running your entire physiology. Our bodies need the whole natural spectrum, as found in the ocean, to function robustly. 

OmniBlue has: EVERY SINGLE MINERAL our bodies require, in the EXACT QUANTITY our bodies need to function.

Over 70% of the US population is deficient in critical minerals.

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How Does OmniBlue Work?



Our mineral's primary function is to produce over 20,000 enzymes of which 300 are most prominent, and these enzymes fuel and maintain your entire physiology and metabolism. The benefits are substantial. Among the most vital in our modern culture are the accomplishment of real hydration and consequently significant constipation relief, stress reduction, systemic immune system boosting, and transforming our foods and supplements into 100% assimilable nutrients powering our whole body.


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Source Matters

OmniBlue the Original Ocean Minerals: are drawn in Australia.  Australian oceans are amongst the cleanest in the world as it is one of the least populated coastlines that enjoys a great level of protection due to strict regulations.   — pristine, circulating, and mineral-rich.

Your minerals are not as effective as OmniBlue if they come from:

  • Inland sea sources: Incomplete mineral spectrum; risk of agricultural pollution.
  • Lab-manufactured compounds: Not natural! Magnesium oxide / sulphate / citrate have 23% max absorption rates
  • Plant sources: Incomplete mineral spectrum.

OmniBlue: 100% contaminant-free for 30 years and counting.

Bulk Partnerships

Foods can only be nutritious when the right minerals are present. Full-spectrum minerals extract nutrients from the foods we consume and deliver them all over our bodies. Without minerals, our bodies cannot assimilate the nutrition in food.

OmniBlue partners with select manufacturers, providing ocean minerals in larger mass production quantities to integrate into your consumer goods as a functional ingredient.

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Spray on OceanPower — the most natural relief for pain and inflammation, promoting restful sleep. Localized delivery of minerals directly through your skin lets ocean minerals enter your microcirculation, reducing your pain. Sleep like a baby!


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