How OmniBlue Works

Minerals Work as a Team. 

Only when all the essential micronutrients are present can our bodies work to their full potential. When one of the micronutrients is missing or in an insufficient quantity or concentration it is called the limiting nutrient. 

  • A limiting nutrient restricts the growth and productivity of the whole metabolic process.
  • Micronutrients are used in our body's metabolism in enzymatic complexes.
  • This creates a sort of ´chain´ where the links are the different nutrients and when we experience a weak link, it compromises the integrity of the entire process.

Variety is Key.

When we  give our body monoelement supplements or supplements with a reduced variety of minerals, our body’s suffer from demineralization.

  • All of our mineral needs must be met as a whole rather than only one being met in excess.
  • Our body retrieves the remainder of these unfulfilled nutrients from its reserves, hence demineralizing our body.

To resolve this we developed OmniBlue Ocean Minerals, which contains over 70 different minerals to provide effective, optimal nourishment and hydration for your body.