OceanPower Topical Spray

Direct mineral recharge through your skin – 6 oz

100% natural relief for pain and inflammation, with the added benefit of restful sleep and enhanced athletic muscle performance. OceanPower combines the most succulent and potent organic aloe vera perfectly blended with our full-spectrum ocean minerals.

Spray on . . . Smooth in . . . Ease Your Pain!

Spray on . . . Smooth in . . . Sleep Deep!

OceanPower delivers complete mineral replenishment through your biggest organ: your skin! Feel the power of the only source of PURE magnesium on the planet. Ocean magnesium and full spectrum minerals naturally enter your microcirculation, reducing the symptoms of pain and relaxing your muscles and tissues.

OmniBlue 8 ounce bottle and OceanPower topical spray

With four sprays you will absorb 100% fully ionized minerals: 293 mg of magnesium, 63 mg of potassium, 166 mg of sulphates, and 726 mg of electrolytes as chlorides, in addition to 70+ trace minerals.

OceanPower’s topical application gives you the unique opportunity for localized delivery of minerals directly through your skin, enhancing muscle performance, soothing soreness, and alleviating pain (e.g. menstrual cramps, migraines, stomach discomfort). OceanPower is the perfect companion to our 8 oz ingestible: OmniBlue's benefits delivered inside and out!