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Aloe vera-mineral topical spray

OceanPower is a topical spray that directly provides the targeted area of your body with over 70 minerals that, coupled with aloe vera, brings effective localized hydration which promotes soft and healthy skin, energizes your muscles instantly and helps fight off soreness, inflammation and cramping. 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% effective.

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OceanPower delivers complete mineral replenishment through your biggest organ: your skin! Feel the power of the best source of PURE magnesium on the planet. Ocean magnesium and full spectrum minerals naturally enter your microcirculation, reducing the symptoms of pain and relaxing your muscles and tissues.

With ONLY 4 sprays you will absorb 100% fully ionized minerals: 293 mg of magnesium, 63 mg of potassium, 166 mg of sulfates. A total of 726 mg in electrolytes, in addition to 70+ trace minerals.

OceanPower BENEFITS: INSTANTLY energize the targeted muscle area, reduces soreness and cramping as well as hydrates your skin, effectively promoting skin elasticity.

Ingredients: concentrated ocean water, organic aloe vera.

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