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OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 8oz

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 8oz

Concentrated liquid minerals

OmniBlue is your all-natural remineralization aid, created from one simple ingredient - ocean water. Our product offers an abundant array of over 70 minerals that act to improve our bodily function, including: cardiovascular health, deep sleep, muscle recovery, stress and overall well being. OmniBlue stays true to its natural quality, meaning our product is directly from ocean to table, so ZERO sugar, ZERO additives and ZERO artificial anything!

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Magnesium Potency

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals maintain the highest potency and pharmaceutical-grade natural magnesium available on the market today. Our highly potent magnesium is naturally balanced with every other mineral and trace element. Minerals are designed to act synergistically together, and this proportion and balance between minerals is vitally important in their use by your body. The minerals in our blood are the same full-spectrum minerals in ocean water. With 420 mg of natural magnesium per teaspoon, you are gaining huge benefits of mineral balancing, plus the great well-documented benefits of magnesium for your health.

OmniBlue BENEFITS: Deeper sleep, stress relief, improved metabolism, recovery and complete mineral replenishment leading to overall well being.

Ingredients: concentrated ocean water

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