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Hydration & Recovery Kit (OceanElements + OceanPower)

Hydration & Recovery Kit (OceanElements + OceanPower)

Powdered ocean minerals + Topical spray

Elevate your hydration and recovery game with our Hydration & Recovery Kit, featuring OceanElements Hydration Powder and the soothing OceanPower topical spray. OceanElements is your everyday electrolyte mix, infused with over 70 naturally occurring minerals for enhanced water absorption and rapid recovery post-workout. Paired with OceanPower, a topical spray that combines these rich minerals with aloe vera for localized hydration and relief, this kit is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to minimize muscle soreness, inflammation, and cramping while promoting healthy, soft skin. Take advantage of our special bundle discount and step up your recovery routine with the finest minerals the ocean has to offer.

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OceanElements is a multi-mineral complex designed to help you hydrate daily more efficiently and maintain the necessary fluid-electrolyte balance.

OceanElements BENEFITS: Rapid hydration, swift recovery from workouts, drastically reduce muscle soreness and inflammation and remineralize you given the ample array of minerals that make up part of our product.

Ingredients: concentrated ocean water, silicon dioxide.

OceanPower delivers complete mineral replenishment through your biggest organ: your skin! Feel the power of the best source of PURE magnesium on the planet.

OceanPower BENEFITS: INSTANTLY energize the targeted muscle area, reduces soreness and cramping as well as hydrates your skin, effectively promoting skin elasticity.

Ingredients: concentrated ocean water, organic aloe vera.

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