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The Ocean Duo (8oz. + OceanPower)

The Ocean Duo (8oz. + OceanPower)

Topical spray + Liquid minerals

Unleash the synergy of the sea with our Ocean Duo bundle, combining the holistic benefits of an 8oz OmniBlue liquid with the targeted relief of OceanPower topical spray. OmniBlue offers a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals to fortify your internal wellness, including improving cardiovascular health and supporting muscle recovery, all in its most natural form. Complement this with OceanPower, a unique blend of these minerals with aloe vera, designed for topical application to soothe, hydrate, and energize your skin and muscles directly. Enjoy a special discount on this bundle, ensuring your path to wellness is as rewarding as it is effective.

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OceanPower delivers complete mineral replenishment through your biggest organ: your skin! Feel the power of the best source of PURE magnesium on the planet.

OceanPower BENEFITS: INSTANTLY energize the targeted muscle area, reduces soreness and cramping as well as hydrates your skin, effectively promoting skin elasticity.

Ingredients: concentrated ocean water, organic aloe vera.

OmniBlue 8oz. Our highly potent magnesium is naturally balanced with every other mineral and trace element. 

OmniBlue BENEFITS: Deeper sleep, anxiety and stress relief, improved metabolism, recovery and complete mineral replenishment leading to overall well being. 

Ingredients: concentrated ocean water.

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