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Our minerals perfectly match all of your body’s natural mineral requirements

What Are OmniBlue Minerals?

Our bodies require the full array of 73+ minerals in order to function well and thrive. OmniBlue is the perfect, complete multi-mineral complex replenishing our essential electrolytes and minerals daily.

The difference? We need them all . . . and OmniBlue has them all.

Why OmniBlue Is the Best

How Does OmniBlue Work?

Most of our body is made up of fluid electrolytes, mirroring every single mineral in ocean water.

By natural design, ocean minerals work together as a team, each mineral requiring the other in perfect balance to be effective.

The lack of complementary minerals in products such as lab-created magnesium compounds oversaturates your body with one mono-element, creating imbalance and risking leaching. With OmniBlue, we have exactly what our bodies need, when we need it.

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The Magic of Teamwork

Our Products

Incorporate the distinctive benefits of all three into your daily routine for good health!

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals

OmniBlue Minerals bottlesComplete liquid mineral replenishment.
Our high-density liquid is also best suited for direct constipation relief, stress recovery, and heart maintenance.

Highest potency pure magnesium!  Add to your meals while cooking.

Recommended by Moms Across America.

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Get three 8-ounce bottles for just $87.95 with free U.S. shipping!

NEW! OceanElements

OceanElements tub

Natural complete electrolyte hydration powder. OE’s light consistency is superior for the easiest and most thorough natural hydration of your whole body.

4x the hydration of sports drinks.

165mg of pure magnesium in one tiny scoop — and 420mg vital natural chlorides!

Flavorless and concentrated. Unlike most hydration powders in the market, OE is:

  • low sodium
  • zero sugar
  • zero carbs
  • zero artificial anything
  • zero calories

Ocean-sourced and complete, balanced multimineral complex!

OceanPower Topical Spray

OceanPower bottleSpray-on localized delivery of minerals directly through your skin, entering your microcirculation.

The most natural relief for pain, inflammation and soothing muscles.  

  • pure magnesium goes directly into muscles for energy
  • reduces muscle cramping
  • promotes deep rest — sleep like a baby!
  • organic aloe vera
  • no flaking or irritation
  • instant absorption
  • use as needed and where needed

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Source Matters

Unlike inland seas — which lack circulation, replenishment, and risk pollution — OmniBlue is extracted from two pristine and guarded locations: one in Queensland in the Great Barrier Reef and the other in the Southern Australia Ocean. Both locations produce excellent products that are identical in quality. Australian oceans are among the cleanest in the world, since it is one of the least populated coastlines and enjoys a great level of protection due to strict regulations.  

100% solar produced, hand-harvested, low sodium, highest efficient concentration, low carb, gluten-free.

Results You Can Feel

These effective mineral benefits are only possible with the true balance of a complete multi-mineral complex. Here are some prominent validated benefits: 

Constipation relief • deeper sleep • calmer nerves, less stress • stronger bones and teeth •  fewer symptoms of osteoporosis • heart health • fortified immune system • 300 natural enzyme productions •  100% of your foods and supplements transformed into absorbable nutrients and energy.

These minerals basically run your entire physiology so that you can do what you love with focus, balance, and passion.

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