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We offer an integral product that fulfills the mineral requirements for over 300 metabolic reactions

What Are OmniBlue Minerals?

Our bodies require the full array of 70+ minerals in order to function well and thrive. OmniBlue provides a comprehensive natural  multi-mineral complex replenishing our essential electrolytes daily, and fulfilling essential metabolic functions.

The difference? We need them all . . . and OmniBlue has them all.

Why OmniBlue Is the Best

How Does OmniBlue Work?

  • Our bodies are not able to produce minerals on their own which is why we need to include them in our diets. One of the best sources of minerals happens to be the world's oceans, which are just where we harvest our mineral complex. 

  • OmniBlue Ocean Minerals offers a highly integral final product that includes more than 70 minerals in different concentrations so that your body's needs are fully met. 

  • Our product differs from other magnesium compounds because minerals work as a team, in the sense that if every mineral requirement is not met, that limits the efficacy of the other minerals in our body. 

Count on us to help you on your journey to physical and mental wellbeing and balance!

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Our Products

Ocean-sourced and complete, balanced multimineral complex!

Recommended by Moms Across America.

OmniBlue Minerals 8 ounce bottle

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals

Concentrated liquid minerals

  • effective mineral replenishment
  • constipation relief
  • stress relief and heart health

Looking for a travel size? Check out our 2-ounce bottle.

OmniBlue OceanElements tub


Natural electrolyte hydration powder

Enjoy our liquid minerals in powdered form for convenient travel, superior hydration, full mineral array, metabolize water faster and more completely: 

  • low sodium
  • zero sugar
  • zero carbs
  • zero calories
  • zero flavor additives
  • zero artificial anything

165mg of pure magnesium in one scoop — and 420mg of vital natural chlorides.

OmniBlue OceanPower bottle


Aloe vera-mineral topical spray 

  • energizes muscles
  • reduces muscle soreness and cramping
  • no irritation on contact
  • instant absorption

Easy, convenient, effective!

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Source Matters

Unlike inland seas — which lack circulation and replenishment, and risk pollution — OmniBlue is extracted from two pristine and guarded locations: the Great Barrier Reef and the Southern Australia Ocean. Australian oceans are among the most pristine in the world due to their rigid regulations that don't allow for any agricultural contamination or industrialization of the area. We provide the cleanest and most natural mineral array available on the Planet. 

100% solar produced, sustainably hand-harvested, ZERO carbon footprint

Results You Can Feel

All natural products have their benefits, which is why OmniBlue can provide you with the following: 

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Effective mineral replenishment
  • Deep sleep
  • Constipation relief
  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • Improves cardiovascular functions 
  • Skin elasticity
  • Reduced exercise induced muscle soreness. 

When one's mineral requirements are adequately met, it allows us to do what we love with focus, balance, and passion.

Unique Benefits