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SOURCE MATTERS: Our minerals are solar-harvested from remote, pristine sanctuary waters in the deep-sea Barrier Reef — not compounded in a lab or mined . . . and yours?

YOU NEED FULL-PROFILE MINERALS EVERY DAY, which means all the major and trace minerals in their natural balance and proportions, in order to thrive. 


OmniBlue™ Minerals are 100% ionic and absorb thoroughly and naturally . . . do yours?

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Because OmniBlue™ minerals are full-profile, we are a mineral FOOD  providing daily nourishment and are essential metabolic agents for all of your physiology.


Experience the Golden Mineral Ratio in each teaspoon of OmniBlue™minerals: the perfect essence and balance within our living blue waters, recharging your whole system . . . welcome home.

OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals


Natural, bio-available, and highly concentrated ocean minerals, with 441mg PURE magnesium per teaspoon. Get yours now!

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What OmniBlue™ Brings to You


Improved digestion, better hydration, more energy, restful sleep, reduced stress. Discover the benefits of OmniBlue.