Our Process


Our Source

Quality and high standards remain the backbone of our company, and our highest priority, our customers. In order to achieve this standard, we source our minerals from Australia's Southern Ocean, which unlike inland seas that lack circulation and are at risk of pollution, are shielded from modern day contamination and human interference.

Due to this, OmniBlue contains only naturally obtained and complete minerals that have been meticulously crafted by the earth’s natural processes for centuries. The purity and richness of our ocean water stems from the strict regulations imposed on these regions that don't allow for any agricultural or industrial contamination of the area.

As a result, our customers have the opportunity to experience a high-quality product crafted by nature and designed to fulfill your body’s necessities.


Solar evaporation

The ocean water is transported to nearby ponds built to gradually concentrate the ocean water in a process that takes up to 14 months. This process relies on solar energy to precipitate and separate the now crystallized salt from the ocean water, leaving a concentrated solution that is rich in minerals and largely free of sodium.


Lab testing

Once concentrated, the ocean water is brought to our labs in Australia to begin a rigorous analysis and testing to ensure that our high standards are met. This process requires our minerals to exceed FDA safety guidelines as well as conforming with MAA (Mom’s Across America) criteria through annual testing to verify our quality assurance to our customers.



Once our minerals pass our lab testing, we move onto the next phase, bottling. We maintain only the highest hygienic and quality standards so that our product is safe wherever, whenever and free of any contaminants.


Shipped to you

Our minerals, now concentrated, certified and thoroughly tested, arrive at your doorstep, bringing you a 100% natural product. With this, our regard for quality and customer goodwill is hopefully proven, granting us your priceless trust.