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OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 2oz

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 2oz

Concentrated liquid minerals

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 2 oz, a concentrated liquid mineral solution, serves as a natural remineralization aid derived from pure ocean water. With over 70 essential minerals, it enhances many aspects of bodily function, including cardiovascular health, deep sleep, muscle recovery, stress management, and overall well-being. True to its natural quality, OmniBlue is sourced directly from the ocean to your table, guaranteeing zero sugar, zero additives, and zero artificial ingredients. Experience the unadulterated benefits of OmniBlue for a genuine and comprehensive mineral boost.

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Our 2oz. offers a portable adaptation of our star OmniBlue 8 oz prodcut. OmniBlue stays true to its natural quality, meaning our product is directly from ocean to table, so ZERO sugar, ZERO additives and ZERO artificial anything! All of the natural benefits are packed into a smaller easy to carry mineral option.

OmniBlue BENEFITS: Deeper sleep, stress relief, improved metabolism, recovery and complete mineral replenishment leading to overall well being.

Ingredients: concentrated ocean water

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