The New Mineral Revolution

ocean-reef-long-shotThe Royalty of Minerals: OMNIBLUE™ 100% solar, hand-harvested ocean electrolytes as naturally-occuring pure magnesium and 70+ naturally proportioned trace elements. When it comes to your body, invest in your health with the very best.

The Original Formula of Life that makes our blue planet so special and unique is our beautiful, life-giving ocean water. We carry a living, portable ocean system in our bodies, in which lies the secret and key to our health and the solution in fulfilling our mineral heritage.

The same biological mechanisms that first operated in the dawn of life animate the creatures of Earth to this day, forming an unbroken chain for at least 3.8 billion years. Our physiology and body structure is founded and literally depends upon the critical presence and replenishment of full-spectrum minerals and trace elements. The body does not produce these minerals, so they must be replenished from an outside source. Replenish and enhance this biological birthright with a daily dose of OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals.

We All Now Have a Substantial Opportunity to Re-Mineralize Daily from the Mother Source

We live in critical times of severe mineral depletions to our soils, food chains, and bottled water — the stresses of modern life are leaving very few precious minerals in our bodies. Ocean minerals are the richest, most restorative source of minerals and trace elements on Earth, and because our internal mineral chemistry is exactly the same as ocean water, OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are the natural choice for perfect absorption and broad-spectrum availability.

Our physiology works at optimum levels when we enjoy the daily presence of 100 percent ionic, full-spectrum minerals in our bodies. OmniBlue revolutionizes the way we get the minerals we need. The Crown Jewel of the Sea is broad-spectrum and complete mineral nutrition, derived from pristine ocean water — with all of the naturally occuring major and trace elements available when you need them, in the most remarkable synergistic and natural form possible.

THROUGHOUT HUMAN HISTORY the nutritional value of food has largely been taken for granted. Only recently has science come to understand the vital importance of the nutritional elements of food, including importantly the indispensable role that major and trace minerals play in sustaining all life.

With this stunning reality in mind, OmniBlue Ocean Minerals have been able to tap into the most abundant, perfect, and previously unavailable source of minerals on earth, the waters of our world's oceans, giving us access to mineral nutrition today from the very source of life itself.