Quality Control

clinical-referencesAt OmniBlue®, we take great care to ensure the purity and safety of our minerals. OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are naturally produced through a 100% solar process from the South Antarctic Current from remote, pristine areas of the Great Barrier Reef.

These precious minerals are naturally salt-free through evaporation, allowing free transmission of these miraculous and essential minerals throughout your body. Our minerals are highly concentrated and therefore very dense. As synergistic clusters, they are complete and whole and do not take on any chemical characteristics from the environment. At no time from immaculate ocean water to the pure mineral essence in its bottle, have there been any alterations or additions whatsoever.

We store our minerals in GMP stainless tanks until ready for shipment. Upon arrival in the United States our minerals are assayed with our GMP lab, first as authentic ocean minerals at concentration, and with Chromadex Labs. Each batch and lot number in the filling filling is signed and approved as contaminant-free.

Our eight- and two-ounce bottles are made of PET chemical-free plastic, which is recyclable, beautiful, reusable, and non-reactive.

Professional Service and Education

OmniBlue understands you and your needs as a health care professional. We are professionals ourselves, having practiced traditional, 5-Element Chinese medicine for the past twenty years. So, as you and your patients enjoy the fabulous benefits of OmniBlue you are part of a growing health care community. Our community also connects you with other health care providers and professionals. We are well-suited to share cutting-edge and innovative health information with you, through tutorials and trainings, and we share common solutions for the education of our colleagues, so that they may achieve the highest levels of health knowledge and care. We speak your language.

We maintain growing relationships across all categories of health care professionals, and welcome you as part of our community. Using social media tools, we regularly share our collective experience with exciting solutions, clinical studies, new information, and patient feedback. You can join our community through registering your clinic and practice in the link below.

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Minimus: GMP Facility.

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals Certificate of Contaminant-Free

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are contaminant-free, each batch certified with lot sampling by Chromadex Labs – Covance Analytics, 2830 Wilderness Place, Boulder, CO, 80301.