Natural Bio-Availability

cells-lit-upThe Mineral Composition of Our Blood Is a Mirror Image of the Mineral Composition Inherent in Ocean Water

Completely natural absorption of our full-spectrum minerals.

PURE magnesium, not an acid or a salt, 100% absorbable.

The New Mineral Revolution is in being able now to fully replenish our crucial daily mineral needs and requirements much more efficiently than ever before.

OmniBlue® Ocean Minerals Is the Premier Mineral Replenishment System and the Richest Source of Minerals on the Planet

Ready-to-ingest, 100% ionized, full-spectrum 70+ minerals and trace elements, balanced by Nature. All of the elements and trace elements are basically stardust, an ionized liquid essence of all the stuff of the universe in the generative form of life-giving water and mineral chemistry that we share with the ocean, literally.

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals Are Sourced from Living Ocean Water

Live ocean water is constantly replenished with a fresh and massive supply of full-spectrum minerals from huge vents in the ocean floor. We derive our minerals, with government permission, from the sparkling and pristine Great Barrier Reef living ocean waters.

Survival Food for the 21st Century

Ocean minerals contain all of the 70+ minerals and trace elements that supported the first cells of life and has continued to support life for over 3 billion years — and counting.

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals Are 100x Concentration

Easily absorbed, simple to take, containing the full-range and spectrum of the minerals you need — all for less than a dollar a day. The daily average dose is 1½ tsp per adult, which costs 99 cents a day, and this is the proper concentration to deliver an ample and high-quality spectrum for your body every day.

Because of the mineral depletions in our foods, even large volumes of organic quality foods, at substantial costs, do not contain sufficient minerals necessary for your health.