How Do OmniBlue Ocean Minerals Work?

You now have an amazing opportunity to recreate the very foundation of your health and to optimize your digestion and experience the energy of the nutrients that gave us Life on Earth: OmniBlue® . . . What Are You Waiting For?

How do they work?

Teamwork . . . because our body's 73+ electrolytes/minerals work intimately with each other. For example our pure magnesium is a critical team player with zinc, contributing an important role in RNA, DNA, and protein synthesis. Magnesium with selenium creates enzymes that release active thyroid hormones in cells and together are antioxidants, and pure magnesium with copper is vital for energy production and iron metabolism. Having them all promotes and creates high metabolism and immune system function. The result: we are vibrant and thrive. 

Ocean minerals are unique in that they naturally carry the life-charge. Full-profile ocean minerals are necessary to hydrate your body, for proper nerve and brain function, and for the extraction and transmission of nutrients from your blood into cells. Electrolytes keep your body in high electrical potency and potential, which is essential for all internal organs to function and intercommunicate at their optimum levels.

Ocean mineral concentrates are the metabolic active agents in your body that facilitate all of your physiological activities and critically produce over 300 natural enzymes which essentially run your entire physiology.

Minerals in their natural whole form are absolutely necessary to maintain your physiology and flourishing at optimum levels.

Ocean Water = Your Life-Blood Plasma = Optimal Physiology