Full-Spectrum Minerals

hexagons-colorOmniBlue™ supplies you with nature’s original Life-Force giving your cells the optimal positive nutrient environment.

Your health is in your hands!

Full-spectrum 100% ionized 70+ mineral electrolytes already perfectly balanced by Nature — they’re all here in perfect proportions for your body.

OmniBlue™ contains the complete macro and trace elements necessary for your nutrition. Per teaspoon daily dose:

  • 440mg pure magnesium
  • 95mg potassium
  • 1090 chlorides as electrolytes
  • 65mg sodium (*very low sodium)

How do we compare with other commercial minerals?

OmniBlue™ is living ocean water that maintains the original ocean signature from our oceans and in your body. OmniBlue contains the living-spark and natural electrolyte macro and trace minerals in balanced synergy that no non-circulating inland source, mined salts, plants, or single elements can compare to.

Earth salts: good for seasoning food, too much sodium, too small a spectrum of necessary minerals.

Sea plasma: overabundance of sodium/salt to gain the benefits of the macro and trace minerals necessary for the functioning of your body every day.

Colloidal minerals: mined clay-suspension, molecules too large to pass through cell membranes to be absorbed and effective, and often contains unusual amounts of aluminum which can be toxic and is not usually removed prior to consumption.

Inland sea minerals: no active circulation, cleansing currents, nor replenishing. Exposure to leaching rains and droughts can dramatically affect the natural structure of the water and minerals. Possibility of agricultural chemicals and excipients leaching from the surrounding farmlands and mining directly into inland sea sources.

Terrestrial minerals: our body waters were born from the ocean mineral matrix and not earth. Plants have fewer and different needs, so their uptake is incomplete compared to ocean minerals.

Single or mono-cultured minerals: are isolates and are chemically extracted and/or manufactured synthetically. The ability for isolates to fully absorb has not been proven. Balance issue: if we intake so much of one element, how do we then balance the rest?


OmniBlue™ Is Your Natural Mineral Solution.

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals contains all of the major minerals, the most well-known being magnesium, potassium, natural electrolytes, and naturally-occuring trace elements. Most of these trace minerals are in exceedlingly small amounts as fractions of parts per billion, and as such cannot accumulate in the body’s tissues and organs over time; the amounts are simply too tiny. Our ocean minerals work synergistically together for your health, promoting life itself through whole, pre-balanced nutrition.