Quick Facts about Usage and Storage

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How do I take OmniBlue?

Serving information: START LOW GO SLOW: Consume daily as you would any food, and everyone's metabolism is different. Natural minerals are a bit of experimenting with amounts because everyone's metabolism is different.

  • OmniBlue minerals are highly concentrated; a little goes a long way. Add your minerals as an ingredient into your teas, water, lemonades, coffee, and also in your cooking: your favorite meals, baking, soups, sauces, vinaigrettes. Splash a dash and integrate into your foods throughout the day. 
  • Adults: ¼ teaspoon for three to four days, then gradually to one teaspoon, and eventually to 1½ teaspoons daily throughout your cooking and beverages.
  • If you have a delicate GI tract, or are very ill, please begin with only seven to eight drops per day, and increase your dose slowly, to the recommended dosage.
  • Teens begin with the same graduation as adults except leveling out with ¾ to 1 teaspoon every day, spread in increments.
  • Special servings for Babies and Children: 

    SAFE, approved with Moms Across America. START LOW AND GO SLOW.

    Note: Severely constipated children needing immediate relief will need twice the maintenance dose or more given in well diluted doses 1–2 hours apart throughout the day, when loose bowels are achieved reduce serving by half and continue.

    Babies: 2–3 drops in formula or diluted in a tablespoon of filtered water mixed in soft foods 2–3 times per day. Experiment and see, OmniBlue is totally safe and Contaminant-Free.

    Children 2–4: higher as needed for constipation, maintenance dosing 6–7 drops
    incrementally throughout multiple meals.

    Children 8–12: higher as needed, 15–20 drops incrementally over the day mixed in meals and beverages.

    You will also experience your child responding with many positive health benefits. 

    With all babies and children, spread doses throughout meal plans.

    Once constipation is resolved, return to daily maintenance serving and increase as needed. Omniblue is an extremely effective constipation solution.

    Be creative, YOU NEED TO REPLENISH MINERALS EVERY DAY! You can add to ALL COOKING, sauces, soups, salad dressings, cooking water, scrambled eggs, meat balls.

  • Is OmniBlue safe to use for pets?
    Absolutely, of course proportional to their weight, in their water . . . our dog loves it and she is very healthy.

OmniBlue Minerals are full-concentration, safe, effective, and nourishing. Every batch has QC testing at our source and we comply with all FDA and EPA food safety regulations.

Always consult with your physician for serious health issues, and follow his or her recommendations for supplementation. OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are safe at recommended levels. Additional minerals, ingested for cleansing or mineral saturation, should be advised and guided with the help of your health care professional. Magnesium has been tested in hospitals with patients with acute deficiency at high doses with no side effects whatsoever. Loose bowels may occur with additional dosing of magnesium.

OmniBlue Is Very Effective For Safe Constipation Relief

Tested and endorsed by Moms Across America and Parents Against Miralax, OmniBlue is a superior special form of PURE magnesium, which when combined within its natural family of 73+ trace elements all working together in a powerful balance, now you have the most effective, immediate, and safe constipation relief of the planet.

Do I have to refrigerate my minerals? Do they expire?

It’s not necessary to refrigerate the minerals; they're best at room temperature. OmniBlue likes heat — integrate in all of your cooking. There’s no expiration date; they maintain their integrity indefinitely.

Where is the source of OmniBlue Ocean Minerals?

At OmniBlue we are proud of the source of our minerals. We extract from two locations which are guarded: One in Queensland where the Great Barrier Reef is located, and the other in Southern Australia. Both locations produce an excellent product that is identical in quality — pristine, circulating, and mineral-rich, and sustainably hand-harvested using our proprietary solar process with very low sodium. The result? Authentic ocean minerals . . . simply the best minerals for our bodies in the world. 

What are the ingredients of OmniBlue Ocean Minerals?

Ingredients graphicOmniBlue is an ocean-derived, natural electrolyte solution containing perfect, COMPLETE and BALANCED proportions of PURE magnesium, potassium, chlorides, sulphates, and every trace element common to ocean water and your blood plasma. The performance and effectiveness of each element is activated because our whole family of trace minerals work together — and you need every single element for optimal metabolism. Very low sodium, gluten- and fat-free, 0 calories, vegan friendly, sugar-free.

OmniBlue meets and exceeds all WHO, FDA, and other governmental food safety guidelines both in the United States and other countries with regards to all of our trace elements. Rest assured that our authentic ocean concentrate, designed by Nature flourishing the miracle of life on our Planet for four billion years, is naturally nourishing and safe for your baby, children, and families, tested and approved by Moms Across America and PAM.

Our Nutritional Facts panel reflects the major electrolytes from our Certificate of Analysis.

The Benefits Of OmniBlue Minerals

Results You Can Feel — Doing what Real Minerals Do

These effective mineral benefits are only possible with the true balance of a complete multi-mineral complex. Here are some prominent validated benefits:

  • constipation relief
  • deeper sleep
  • calmer nerves, less stress
  • stronger bones and teeth 
  • fewer symptoms of osteoporosis
  • heart health
  • fortified immune system
  • 300 natural enzyme productions
  • 100% of your foods and supplements transformed into absorbable nutrients and energy

These minerals basically run your entire physiology so that you can do what you love with focus, balance, and passion.

Natural, pure, and chemical-free — safe for baby and your whole family

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are approved by Moms Across America (MAA) as safe and chemical-free, we are basically your mineral food. Every hand-harvested batch is assigned a lot number, signed, dated, and logged to be certified as true ocean minerals and completely free of any contaminants and biohazards through our QC/GMP Certified Labs and Chromadex analysis. Our pure minerals have experienced no contaminants of any kind for thirty years . . . and counting. 

Products labeled “ocean minerals” in the marketplace are very often not ocean minerals and do not even come from an ocean. And some labeled as ocean minerals are actually manufactured magnesium compounds in solutions like magnesium citrate or sulphate. These compounds are synthetic (lab-created) and can create an over-saturation of a mono-element, resulting in mineral leaching from the body tissues.

  • The actual source of many products labeled “ocean minerals” derive from inland seas or lakes such as the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  
  • The nature of inland seas: The Great Salt Lake and the other 500 or so inland seas around the world are not oceans . . . they are remnants of former oceans from 5 million years ago. 
  • Inland seas therefore have no replenishing mineral sources and cannot circulate. Think about that!
  • Inland seas by definition are land-locked and are at risk from surrounding farming and mining contamination.
  • The vibrant, natural proportions and quantities of minerals native to live oceans has been altered with inland sea minerals due to leaching rains and being sedentary for over 5 million years. 
Source Matters!

How does OmniBlue compare with other mineral sources?

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are a sparkling, clear, and pure ocean water concentrate sustainably hand-harvested through our proprietary solar process from pristine primal ocean water that is constantly replenished, circulating, and renewed. For pennies a day in just one teaspoon you have the full mineral capacity to energize your body’s complete physiology, activate and deliver all of your food and supplement nutrients, and hydrate your water directly into your cells. Bottled in USA.


Inland sea minerals are collected from remnants of ancient seas millions of years old that still exist in pockets around the world. These inland seas have no supply of fresh circulation cleansing currents, nor any way to replenish itself, like a sink that you cannot unplug. Exposure to leaching rains and droughts over 5 million years affect the natural structure of the water and macro-mineral content compared to active, living ocean water. Agricultural activities from surrounding farmlands and mining are potential health risks.

Terrestrial minerals include organically bound and fulvic acid chelation and minerals derived from either a manufactured chelation of earth minerals or the uptake of minerals from plants. In either case, our fluids were born from the ocean mineral matrix and not earth; thus the complexity, balance, and perfect full-spectrum simply are not fully present in an earth-bound mineral. Plants uptake whatever they need at the time, and the minerals are far fewer and less potent than natural ocean chemistry.

Earth salts are mined usually from ancient seabeds in the mountains. As salt crystals, they contain too much sodium/salt to access the full-spectrum of minerals and adequate daily mineralization. Many millennia of climate and earth changes have changed the original composition from the full-spectrum nature of ocean water into a crystallized form containing mostly sodium. Most of the macro-minerals have evaporated out of the salt’s structure, thus creating an imbalance in the variety and proportion of natural minerals. Earth salts are suitable additions to food seasoning, but do not by definition contain the full-spectrum minerals necessary for daily human replenishment.

Sea plasma is derived from deep-water sources of ocean water and filtered. It contains too much sodium/salt to gain the benefits of the daily mineral requirements of macro and trace minerals necessary for the functioning of your body every day.

Colloidal minerals are mined clays from earth beds and suspended in water. The molecules of clay minerals are too large to pass through cell membranes to be absorbed and effective, and they commonly contain high quantities of naturally occurring aluminum, which can be toxic and is not usually removed prior to consumption.

Magnesium compounds: Please have a look at your mineral supplement and check with this chart below to see how your supplement absorbs. For example, magnesium citrate is a large commercial magnesium laxative supplement utilized as a single element and included in many products as a magnesium source; please note its absorption percentage. As such you are not getting the magnesium that you need, nor all the other essential major and minor and trace elements at the same time to create mineral fulfillment and synergy in your body. Note: the chart first states the % of the mono-magnesium in the magnesium salt, then the percentage of absorption based upon that. 

Comparison of Magnesium Salts
Magnesium Salt % Elemental Magnesium % Elemental Magnesium Absorbed Molecular
Milligrams of actual Elemental Magnesium per 100 milligrams of Magnesium Salt
OmniBlue (Pure . . . not a salt!) 100% 100% 24.31 100
Oxide 60% 23% 40.31 13.8
Carbonate 28% –20% 84.31 –5.2
Chloride 26% 20% 95.21 5.2
L-lactate 12% 42% 202.45 5.0
Citrate 11% 30% 451.12 3.3
Aspartate 8% 42% 288.49 3.3
Glycinate 14% 23% 172.42 3.2
Gluconate 6% 19% 414.60 1.1


  1. Molecular weights: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/14792 (magnesium oxide). For the other magnesium salts, click the search icon on the PubMed site and enter the name of the magnesium compound.
  2. Ranade VV, Somberg JC. Bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of magnesium after administration of magnesium salts to humans. Am J Ther. 2001 Sep-Oct;8(5):345-57. PMID: 11550076

What is so remarkable about OmniBlue?

We are the original and authentic solar produced full-spectrum minerals . . . The presence of full-spectrum, complete, and balanced minerals activates the absorbability of all your foods and delivers these nutrients directly into your cells . . . What does this really mean? Without full-spectrum minerals, the vitamin A in your apple and the B12 in your proteins are dormant and are only activated by all the minerals working together. The real significance is that finally you can get truly nourished and absorb all the goodness from your foods and supplements, for a few pennies a day. Get all the nourishment you deserve with OmniBlue!

Why must we replenish daily?

We are precariously deficient in magnesium and trace minerals — 70% magnesium deficiency in the US and Europe since 1992. Minerals have traditionally existed in our foods and wells long ago when our soils were robust and we could absorb adequate amounts. The striking feature of our modern times is that there are literally none in our commercial soils and food chains and therefore none in us any longer. Stress management requires full-spectrum minerals to insulate the myelin sheaths on our nerves. Bottled water since 1980 is distilled or reverse osmosis and leach minerals from our tissues, increasing stresses. Exercise requires daily mineral presence to fuel nutrient distribution and magnesium to your muscles for energy. Also, modern food processing strips the foods of life-giving minerals and does not replace them. We must have them for our health and take them in every day as a mineral food. It’s a blessing to have this gift for us from the sea.

What can I expect over time?

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals will build cumulative effects and positive experiences as the minerals integrate into your system. The more consistently you take them, the better you get. Minerals are required by your body daily for high functioning, and with these special minerals you can gain tremendous proactive results with time.

From user experience, within two to three weeks of taking OmniBlue people consistently report deeper sleep, improved digestion, calmer emotions, more immunity to colds and sickness, better performance while exercising, and more energy. Longer use of the product have reports of better heart condition, lower blood pressure, feelings of well-being, the easing of major disease symptoms, lessening symptoms of Type II diabetes (see Clinical Studies here) less dependence on and cravings for sugar, better brain function, more alertness, clearer thinking, better reflexes, and deeper meditations. Improved digestion includes easier passage of nutrients through the digestive process and high extraction of nutrients from your foods and all additional supplements that you take, optimizing their value to you with nearly 100% efficiency.

Minerals are essential, and OmniBlue ocean-derived minerals will activate every physiological reaction in your body by definition. Logically over time they can greatly increase your resistance to even serious illness, and cumulatively create a very high-level immune response-functioning body. 

What do minerals do and why are they so important?

OmniBlue minerals are full-spectrum macro and trace elements fundamental for the function of the entire body as much as air, fire, and water. Each element must be in its natural proportions and full-compliment to function properly and nourish your system.

These natural, inorganic nutrients serve as the fundamental matrix in our bodies, interfacing with and supporting every aspect of your physiology. Macro and trace elements are the bodies active nutrient transmitters: they must be present to extract the nutrients from our foods, herbs, and supplements, and they are also responsible for the distribution of all these nutrients with high effectiveness to nourish all of your 3 trillion cells through providing electrical-electrolyte fluid currents. 

This is the most fundamental, necessary, and essential nutritional food in your kitchen — your kitchen nutritional booster buddy. Replenishing with OmniBlue consistently assures a broad spectrum of mineral coverage for your exercise and stresses, replenishing the lack of minerals in our food supplies and drinking water.

Is there any negative impact on the reef?

We treasure our precious resources in the Reef and we are fiercely protective of our Reef and Oceans. Our springs in the Great Barrier Reef are wholly protected through government sanctions from any shipping traffic or farming, and OmniBlue Ocean Minerals is partnered with our solar natural harvesting as one of the very few carbon-free, 100% sustainable harvesting practices in the world.