OmniBlue® Ocean Minerals Electrolyte Panel: 1,075 mg/tsp natural chlorides in every daily serving

bubbles-in-waterYou now have the most powerful and pure form of concentrated electrolytes that exists on the planet, naturally, and from the only real and original source — our oceans.

Chlorides found only in natural ocean water and your blood plasma make up 88% of the fluids in your body. They facilitate important intra-cellular nourishment, maintain our acid-alkaline balances, and deliver oxygen to our cells.

All of our mineral elements are 100% ionized or electrically charged, and ready to recharge your entire body.

This is a unique opportunity to resupply our body with vital electrolytes daily. Our natural heritage electrolytes are not comparable to commercial electrolyte drinks, which have artificial lab-created magnesiums and too much sugar and sodium. Commercial electrolyte beverages are often composites of mono-elements, with little synergistic integrity.

How do they work?

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are unique in that they naturally carry the life-charge. It's necessary to replace electrolytes daily in your body for proper nerve and brain function, and for the transmission of nutrients from your blood into cells. Electrolytes keep your body in high electrical potency and potential, which is essential for all internal organs to function and intercommunicate at their optimum levels.

How will I experience OmniBlue electrolytes?

Many practitioners report their patients experiencing clearer thinking, quicker reflex responses, deeper sleeps, more resilient nervous systems due to myelin sheath health and increased conductivity in the nerves, calmer responses to stress, and quicker recovery from exercise.