Critical Magnesium Factor

magnesiumOmniBlue® Liquid Ocean Minerals and our OceanPower Topical uniquely contains the recommended daily dose of 420 mg of pure, absorbable magnesium. Magnesium is in its most bioavailable form in ocean-derived OmniBlue Ocean Minerals, creating the vital activation and catalysis of your energy molecules ATP, and thus essential to generate and sustain your energy.

OmniBlue minerals are balanced with potassium, major electrolytes, and all existing trace elements as inherent in ocean water and in your blood plasma naturally. Not only do you receive your necessary daily digestible magnesium dose, but ALL other macro and trace minerals, as perfectly balanced by Mother Nature.

Magnesium Is the Critical Co-factor in Production of the Energy Molecule ATP

Magnesium is a direct and essential factor in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, and hence is itself a fundamental building block in our energy. ATP exists in all living cells and is the energizing factor in our cells. ATP is the essential energy mechanism that literally stores and releases energy back and forth in the human body. Magnesium must be present for ATP to be produced and functioning. Resultant from the production of ATP molecules, magnesium is by definition also an integral co-factor in thousands of related enzymatic reactions.

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Magnesium Is Perhaps One of the Most Critical Nutrients and Macro-elements at the Center of Health Research Today

We are experiencing significant magnesium deficiencies in our diets, and there has been a synchronistic and dramatic rise in heart disease and Type II diabetes.

There is ample evidence now to support the theory that a lack of magnesium and other important macro- and micro-elements has generated an epidemic of heart disease and a plethora of related diseases in the modern world. The evidence, based on the gold scientific standard of placebo-controlled/double-blind research studies is clear. Please see our Clinical References for these studies.

Magnesium Deficiency Underlies Much of the Heart Disease Epidemic

We are much lower in magnesium in our diets than commonly acknowledged. The studies and statistics are dramatic, and it is clear that much of today's heart disease is a direct result of low-magnesium consumption.

Clinical studies show that replenishing with magnesium can greatly lessen heart disease risk factors.

Magnesium Is the Necessary Catalyst for Many Life Reactions

Magnesium and related mineral nutrients are directly involved in the production of over 350 enzymes that break down sugars/glucose; control the production of cholesterol and the production of nucleic acids such as DNA proteins; and control the energy molecule ATP.

Magnesium and Related Minerals Are Important Components of Cell Membranes

Consequently, Mg is vitally important in regulating what goes in and out of our cells. Magnesium intake is crucial for keeping Mg and potassium inside the cells, and calcium and sodium ions outside, and thus is critical to electrolyte balance.

Low Magnesium Results

There are well-known and dire results in low-magnesium in the body, such as less energy from a lack of ATP production; an inability to maintain the cellular pumps that keep the electrolyte balance; and a consequence of calcium rushing into cells, creating hardening and an excessive excitement of cells.

Low Magnesium and Macro-elements and the Development of Diabetes

The incidence of Type II diabetes has grown dramatically in the world, even in children. Studies strongly suggest that Mg and related element deficiencies are at the base. An increase in sugar, and diets low in Mg, over time, can break down the ability of glucose to enter the cells.

With scientific facts available about the vital actions of minerals in the body, and additional ample studies clearly pointing to the results of deficiencies, there is common-sense logic of the real value of supplementing and replenishing with nutritional minerals daily. The gains are spectacular with proper nutrition, supporting a less stressful lifestyle full of creativity and connectivity. We offer OmniBlue Ocean Minerals as a natural mineral supplementation that is naturally balanced and most agreeable with your body's chemistry.

With OmniBlue Ocean Minerals, your magnesium source couldn't be better to fortify your body, providing effective prevention of the serious consequences of deficiencies. Get your magnesium perfectly balanced, along with all other minerals that are essential for keeping your body healthy and high-functioning.