climber-soloFIRST There Is a Problem: Worldwide Mineral Deficiency.

Bottled water: 80% of the population drinks bottled water, which is effectively distilled and looks for minerals in your body, leaching them from your tissues.

Exercise: Of course exercise requires plentiful minerals for muscle energy (magnesium) and endurance (electrolytes). Where are yours coming from?

Stress: Mountains of it are in our culture today. Stress. Worry. Insecurity. These all use up huge supplies of minerals!

Food source stresses: There are massive mineral deficiencies in our soils and food supplies worldwide: 88–92%, and that was in 1992 (Rio Earth Conference statistics)!

Mineral deficiency symptoms: low energy, weak muscles, headaches, longer recovery from exertion and exercise, high blood pressure, low metabolism, weakened immune system, pre-diabetic, heart problems, poor sleep . . .

Minerals must be replenished daily at full-spectrum levels for maximum nutrition, body physiology, and robust vitality.

The OmniBlue™ Natural Solutions & Benefits

OmniBlue as complete minerals systemically highly activate your immune system and response by definition.

 A single magnesium compound can't do that because all the minerals have to be there and related to each other in a natural way. Inland seas tend to have agricultural pollution.

Our REAL HYDRATION experience includes:

you'll feel instantly better 
your whole system will be electrically charged and you'll feel that sensation
the full complex minerals can now enter your cells and increase your digestion
your foods absorb more completely
the minerals and water will get the your nutrients everywhere they need to go
you'll be happy because your body is actually getting nourished for the first time in a long time

Addition benefits natural and only from full-spectrum ocean minerals:

    • facilitating white blood cell production
    • balancing cholesterol
    • provides true hydration
    • pure magnesium enhancing sports performances

  • constipation relief
  • improved circulation
  • relieves migraine symptoms
  • helps regulate Type 2 diabetes
  • stronger teeth
  • increased brain cell activity
  • clearer hydrated skin
  • And more . . .
  • increasing metabolism 
  • pure magnesium for heart health
  • regulates heart rhythm
  • naturally lowers blood pressure
  • enhances restorative sleep
  • calming nervous system
  • relieves for depression
  • resupplying bone structure with calcium
  • deeper meditation
  • ATP energy activator

*OmniBlue minerals are the helpers for your entire physiology- they activate and transport all your food nutrients which means running your metabolism at optimum rates, they run your heart rhythm,power your muscles, feed your nerves, provide the base for all of your organs to function at high levels, and in the big picture making your immune very strong.

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals will build cumulative effects and positive experiences as the minerals integrate into your system. The more you take them, the better you get. Minerals are required by your body daily for high functioning, and with these special minerals you can gain tremendous proactive results with time.

From user experience within two to three weeks of taking OmniBlue people consistently report deeper sleep, improved digestion, calmer emotions, more immunity to colds and sickness, better performance exercising, and more energy. Longer use of the product have reports of better heart condition, lower blood pressure, feelings of well-being, the easing of major disease symptoms, stabilizing insulin spiking, less dependence on and less cravings for sugar, better brain function, alertness, clearer thinking, better reflexes, deeper meditations. Improved digestion includes easier passage of nutrients through the digestive process, and high extraction of nutrients from your foods and all additional supplements that you take — optimizing their value to you with nearly 100% efficiency.

Magnesium must be present for your energy molecule ATP to be produced and functioning.

How will I experience OmniBlue electrolytes?

Many consumers consistently report clearer thinking, quicker reflex responses, more resilient nervous systems due to myelin sheath health and increased conductivity in the nerves, quicker recovery from exercise, and they are more rested, calmer, and happier.

Longer term and ongoing benefits with consistent usage of OmniBlue full-spectrum minerals from double-blind research studies- indicate much less incidence of heart disease and diabetes due to the positive, systemic effect of Omni generating and sustaining your immune.