climber-soloAdditional Natural Benefits Only From Full-Spectrum Minerals:

  • relieves migraine symptoms
  • enhanced sports performance
  • improved circulation
  • increased oxygen intake
  • helps regulate type 2 diabetes
  • increased brain cell activity
  • clearer hydrated skin
  • increased metabolism
  • clarity and focus
  • replenishes electrolytes lost through sweat 
  • skin elasticity

How is real hydration achieved?

With our OceanElements Electrolyte Hydration Powder, this special and unique composition of full spectrum minerals activates the transport of water into all the cells. Regardless of how much water is consumed, real hydration is only possible when balanced minerals are present.

How does OmniBlue relieve constipation?

Full Spectrum minerals draw more water into the intestines rehydrating the intestinal process.

How does OmniBlue relieve stress?

Our magnesium nourishes and strengthens the nerve tissues and the synapses producing a calming effect. When the nerves are working better, we are calmer.

How does OmniBlue boost the immune system?

Overall health is functioning so much better through the systemic cumulative effects of minerals that consequently the immune system is boosted.

How does OmniBlue make the food we eat more nutritious?

Minerals are required for high extraction of nutrients from foods and all additional supplements optimizing their value with nearly 100% efficiency.

Minerals are required daily for high functioning of your body, and with these special minerals you can gain tremendous proactive results with time. OmniBlue Ocean Minerals will build cumulative effects as the minerals integrate into your system. The more you take them, the better you get!