OmniBlue™ WellGel Topical Skin Nutrition

$ 14.95

OMNIBLUE™ WELLGEL Is #1 in Quality: Like No Other

From Solar-Harvested Mineral-Rich Ocean Sources as Your Premier Skin Nutrition

WE have combined the healing qualities of aloe vera and supreme full-spectrum minerals — silky, emollient, soothing . . . No harsh stinging, no flaky residue.

NOW you are able to take your full daily mineral dose directly through your skin with 100% naturally ionized and full-complement ocean minerals!

Minerals are essential daily for the replenishment of minerals lost in soils, foods, stress, and water, and for the resupply of minerals necessary for your successful daily exercise and general physiology.

NOT ONLY do you get your full daily mineral dose, additional benefits are through DIRECT microcirculation absorption:

  • We have PURE magnesium, NOT a salt, the finest ocean-derived magnesium on the planet, which is your Muscle Cell Fuel — Pure Mg = Muscle Cell Fuel = Energy in Muscles
  • Potent natural electrolytes to power your digestion and getting nourishment to all your cells
  • Promotes healthy heart function
  • Relaxes muscle stress and soreness
  • Calmes and nourishes your nerves
  • Supoports restful sleep
  • Immune nourishment