Topical transdermal athletic performance aid

OmniBlue’s PureMg+: Magnesium Plus 70+ Synergistic Trace Minerals Delivered Directly To Your Muscles

For peak physical performance, preparation is key. Imagine how prepared you’d be for competitive sports or athletics if could feed energy directly into your muscle cells through your skin.

NOW YOU CAN! OmniBlue’s PureMg+ is an innovative 100% natural muscle food that lets you do exactly that. Just massage the PureMg+ concentrate into your skin to deliver 100% ionized pure magnesium and 70+ synergistic trace elements directly into your muscles, connective tissues, and circulation.

Solar Harvested From The Great Barrier Reef

SOURCE: Our minerals come from deep-sea vents in pristine and remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef. If you apply commercially manufactured compounds such as magnesium sulphates, citrates, carbonates, and oxides, your body will only absorb between 3% and 23% of the magnesium. The waste is then processed through your liver, which is tough on your body. Our natural magnesium is 100% ionized which means full-power with no waste. 100% of the magnesium and critical complementary elements enter your skin’s microcirculation to be absorbed by the muscles that need it most, when they need it.

Magnesium and Trace Minerals In The Balance That Nature Intended

You’re also getting over 70 precious, natural trace minerals, which work perfectly in synergy with the magnesium. That’s why PureMg+ isn’t a mineral supplement — it’s a complete, full spectrum mineral food, nourishing your muscles just as nature intended.

When you use OmniBlue’s PureMg+, the difference will be clear. The pure magnesium activates and speeds up the energy process in your cells, helping your muscles perform with power, endurance, and peak efficiency. The full profile of minerals helps you reduce stress, boosts your metabolism, and helps prevent cramping and fatigue, greatly improving recovery time.

OmniBlue PureMg+ for Peak Athletic Performance, Prevention of Cramps and Fatigue, and Relief From Muscle Pain

  • PREVENTS MUSCLE CRAMPS AND FATIGUE: PureMg+ will help prevent muscle cramping and fatigue. The unique formula and delivery method help you achieve high performance for longer periods of time and aids in muscle recovery. It’s also ideal as a daily magnesium-potassium supplement mineralizing your system for superior hydration, or in situations where you sweat heavily.
  • IONIZED PURE MAGNESIUM DELIVERED DIRECTLY INTO YOUR MUSCLES: Your muscles need magnesium to function at their peak. PureMg+ is the fastest, most effective and most efficient way to deliver pure, natural ionized magnesium directly to your muscle cells.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: PureMg+ is fragrance free, paraben-free, and kind to sensitive skin. If you aren’t completely satisfied by PureMg+, for any reason at all, just let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund. No hassles, no delays.