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Source matters. OmniBlue’s Premier ocean mineral waters are pristine, circulating, and constantly renewed with super-rich minerals from the earth’s mantle . . . for 3 billion years and counting.

The Royalty of Minerals: OmniBlue™ contains 100% solar, hand-harvested ocean electrolytes as naturally-occuring 70+ macro and trace minerals. When it comes to your body, invest in your health with the very best.

We are pleased to announce that our labs have filled our beautiful ocean essence into our 8 and 2 ounce bottles...and we are in supply with our warehouse, thank you for your patience and now we can renew once again for a happier and healthier life!

— Malcolm & Staff

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 2oz

2 oz of minerals with dropper in recyclable glass bottle.

$ 11.95

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OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 8oz

8 oz of minerals in recyclable PET #1 bottle.

$ 29.95

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WellGel Topical Skin Nutrition

Full-spectrum minerals and aloe vera in a 4-oz spray bottle.

$ 14.95

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