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We are professionals in the health care fields, and are well-placed in understanding your needs and providing unparalled service and education for you and your patients. Additionally, as experts in minerals and health, we offer you superb training and experienced knowledge in providing these essential minerals to your patients. Our QC is your assurance of our superior 100% natural solar manufacturing, purity, and excellence.

Please register with our wholesale resellers program, and once approved we will send you our welcome package including pricelist and printable mineral info. 


Omniblue Minerals maintains the following wholesale customer's policy in order to ensure the longevity and wholesale-resale margins for all:

1.) Omniblue welcomes our wholesaler's selling Omni-products in their own offices, clinics, spas, physical stores and private practices. Online sales are permitted only through the private website related to the physical store or private practice. 

Example: Green Leaf Nutrition & Clinic may sell Omniblue in their store/clinic, and only on their private website greenleaf.com at our MSRP, but not on any outside platform such as Amazon-Ebay.

2.) Omniblue does not permit sales of any of our products to any 3rd-party sellers,  who constitute any group that plans to resell on their own website or secondary marketplace, this includes and not limited to Amazon and Ebay.

3.) Omniblue wholesale customers are required to maintain our MSRP of $29.95 on their private site. You may sell to your customers at any promotion or price-point that you find suitable, as long as the online price is maintained at $29.95.

4.) Omniblue strictly enforces all of these parameters, and any party found in violation will terminate your wholesale privileges.

We have shaped our wholesale policies so that all of our community of wholesale-resellers are protected and can enjoy healthy and robust price margins without fear or threat from outside price competition. Thank you all for your cooperation as we at Omniblue really enjoy hearing all the reports of improving health with so many people (that's why we're here), and holding the integrity and value of our products thriving your businesses...


     Open your professional wholesale account here. Minimum purchase is one case of 8 oz # 12 pac, and orders totaling $400.00 or more are free shipping. Our 2 oz cases pacs now come in #24/ case.

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