Please have a look at your mineral supplement, and check with this chart below to see how your supplement absorbs. For example magnesium citrate is a large commercial magnesium laxative supplement- utilized as a single-element and included in many products as a magnesium source, please note it's absorption percentage. As such you are not getting the magnesium that you need and additionally all the other essential major and minor and trace elements at the same time to create mineral fulfillment and synergy in your body. Note: the chart first states the % of the mono-magnesium in the magnesium salt, then the percentage of absorption based upon that. 


  1. Molecular weights: For the other magnesium salts, replace oxide with the name of salt desired.
  2. Ranade VV, Somberg JC. Bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of magnesium after administration of magnesium salts to humans. Am J Ther. 2001 Sep-Oct;8(5):345-57. PMID: 11550076

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