Don't be fooled . . . you need them all in balance 

You don't just need minerals every day — you need all the major minerals that absorb ALONG with their full complement of minor and trace minerals in order for your body to utilize these vital elements as a synergistic, natural, and complete mineral food.

Single-element magnesium supplements are either manufactured from compounding complex chemical processes and actions or mined as a single element on its own.

Your body best recognizes foods that are whole (such as avocados, rice, bean proteins, whole meal plans, fruits, and synergistic ocean-derived minerals) and as such produce nourishment and balance in your body.

OmniBlue™ is a whole and complete mineral food, pre-digested and ready for your body. Your body needs minerals every day. What's your plan for the 70+ other trace and major-minor elements in balanced unison that your body requires? 

Take the guessing out of minerals and risking potential imbalances, and use OmniBlue™ Complete. You'll be in balance, and you'll be getting the minerals into your body in the infinitesimal proportions that your needs for exercise, hydration, stress relief, energy, sleep, and metabolism — every day. Thrive.