Full-profile ocean minerals are probably the most important food structure and should belong on your kitchen counter as a metabolic support in all your food preparations and cooking — daily.

OmniBlue™ minerals are synergistic, whole metabolic agents in your body that: 1) extract close to 100% all of the nutrition from your food and supplements and they even make medicines work with utmost efficiency; 2) distribute these nutrients to all of your cells through electrical action as true ionic electrolyte minerals; and 3) enable your water to hydrate your cells through the motion of electrolyte fluids. 

Ocean derived minerals are the only complete mineral profile on the planet because that's where we came from and made of. We are not plants or rocks, nor does the body really recognize laboratory compounded or mined elements in isolation as evidenced in the absorption charts.

OmniBlue™ minerals are a natural hand-harvest of rich and pure ocean minerals by a proprietary solar process, with 98% of the salt excipiated so that the minerals are truly available to you. They are concentrated, so 2–3  teaspoons distributed through the prep of all your meals will seriously nourish you and your family. You will feel the difference. There is very little salt, so they're great for low-sodium diets, and great for reducing salt anyway because there's way too much in commercial preparations. The taste is elemental: not salty but similar. They are whole and function best as a necessary ingredient in water so the water can hydrate you, and a beautiful addition in all your cooking. They like heat, and your family can relaxe and enjoy nutritious meals, knowing that you are getting your metabolic nutrients in the form of minerals every day that make your whole system work. Synergistic complete minerals are also critical co-factors in over 3,000 physiological activities in your body. We are seriously depleted everywhere, and these minerals must come into the body from the outside; your body does not produce them.

You need complete, absorbable minerals every day as a food and ingredient in your foods for the proper working of your system, for your physiological nutrition, stress management, exercise efficiency, deep sleep, and your cell hydration.

Now, make your plan.