There Is a Problem: Worldwide Mineral Deficiency

The Old Me: Mineral deficiency symptoms: low energy, weak muscles, headaches, longer recovery from exertion and exercise, high bloodpressure, depression, low me-tabolism, weakened immune system, pre-diabetic, heart problems, poor sleep . . .

Exercise! Your daily exercise actually requires plentiful full-spectrum minerals for muscle energy (magnesium) and endurance (electrolytes). Where are yours coming from?

Stress: There are mountains of stress in our lives and culture’s today. Stress, worry, and insecurity all demand huge supplies of minerals, and now we’re all getting dangerously low.

Food Source Stresses: there are massive mineral deficiencies in out soils and food supplies worldwide: 88–92% — and that was from 1992 Rio Earth Conference statistics!

Bottled water: 80% of the population drinks bottled water, which is effectively distilled and looks for minerals in your body efffectively leaching them from your tissues.

Minerals must be replenished daily at full-spectrum levels for maximum nutrition, body physiology, and robust vitality.

What Is Your Plan?