OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals Fulfills your Daily Essential Magnesium and Trace Mineral Needs With Nature’s Original LifeForce, Giving Your Cells Their Optimum Positive Nutrient Environment, and The Electricity To Power It All

Your health is in your hands: Nourish Your Cells — Change Your Life!
Full-spectrum 100% ionized 72+ mineral electrolytes
Perfectly proportioned and balanced by Nature, no more guessing what you need
Complete broad spectrum macro and trace elements necessary for your nutrition

The New Me

Here’s what’s in us (per synergistic teaspoon daily dose):

  • 440mg pure magnesium
  • 95mg potassium
  • 1090 chlorides as electrolytes
  • 65mg sodium (*very low sodium) PLUS 70 essential trace elements

ALL balanced, ALL natural, ALL pure, ALL quality-controlled source, ALL full-spectrum.

How will I experience OmniBlue electrolyte-minerals as the healthiest me?

Many reports of relief from gout symptoms and constipation also experiencing clearer thinking, quicker reflex responses, more rested, more resilient nervous systems due to myelin sheath health and increased conductivity in the nerves, calmer, happy, and quicker recovery from exercise.

Longer term and ongoing benefits from consistent usage of the minerals are being documented. Generally and accordingly the vast historical data of the roles of minerals and health point to an increased experience of wellness, health, energy, and creativity.

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