Don't be fooled . . . there IS a major difference.

We harvest our minerals near deep-sea vents in pristine and remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef. Your body is the same as ocean chemistry, so our ocean-sourced minerals are a naturally complete profile and 100% absorbable for your body. They are necessary every day in your body for hydration, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, and metabolism.

There is no comparison with magnesium salts, oxides, sulphates, and carbonates. The range that any of these mono-elements absorb is from 1%-13% and you will be lacking other major and delicately proportioned trace minerals that you absolutely need.

Inland sea sources from around the world maintain no fresh supply of minerals nor circulation, and risk surrounding agricultural and mining pollutants. The minerals’ characteristics and proportions also change over 5 million years, changing the natural proportions in the water. They are not living ocean minerals.

OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals’ source is sparkling, clear, and pure ocean water from the mantle — hand-harvested by solar process as a food sustainably from ocean water that is constantly replenished, circulating, and renewed. You decide...

OmniBlue™ Minerals are the only authentic, US Trademarked, branded, and officially registered company on Amazon FBA as a way to service our retail customers. We have established the MAP price of $29.95/ 8 oz as the official MSRP and strictly maintain that price for the health of everyone's business. Do not accept any product other than our official brand registry and storefront on Amazon FBA. This includes any rogue sellers on Amazon as a third-party reseller such as Tiger Health, Holistic 4 ALL, Nutrition Unlimited, and any other similar third-party entities, and this includes Ebay, as they are unauthorized and may be counterfeit.