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December 30, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!   Well what a year . . . I'm not sure anyone's seen anything quite like this . . . and we are all still reeling with some of the effects.

 One thing is for sure, the key word here is WE. The virus has had worldwide impact which we are now part way emerging from and therefore we're all in this together. I think it's going to be an international New Year and there's a real power in that. 

 Let's have a look at some of the positive phenomenon that have occurred underneath all of the obvious:   

*in just 12 short days shortly after the March lockdowns, most cities in the world were almost completely clear of pollution, interesting what a couple of weeks can do, less cars, three day workweeks, sparkly air, I'd say we deserve it . . .  

*in all the quiet we got a chance to contemplate many things that we assume are just a fact of life, well not really. A lot of people have realized that a lot of commercial foods we are consuming have incomprehensible ingredient lists, is that what we deserve? Can that really be good for you? Many think not, and through consumer demands this too can change.  

*Eventually we realize how much we mean to each other, and we are understanding the real isolation of facebook and social media consumerism. We're tired of being someone's product. The upside is that nature and humanity- ALL OF US, will find a way to regroup, reconnect, reinvent, and live the life that is the life that WE want. Social change is here and if there's any sign of the times it is THAT LITERALLY AS A WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY IT'S UP TO US, we have the power to step by step make the world that we want and not someone else's idea of what that should be.   

We at OmniBlue wish you the warmest and most inspiring New Year's yet, and we do our best to bring you what you deserve and we're so happy seeing so many people feeling better . . .

Be Well! Malcolm and the OmniBlue Team