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Times Like These . . . Sun–Air–Fire–Water–Minerals . . . Fundamental OmniBlue

April 23, 2020

Your fundamental building block is here, the one you’ve been looking for, the one all the ads promise and you have mostly a shelf full of half-used supplements that you couldn’t really tell if they worked or not.

We’re going to toot our horn today, and we do also know a lot about health in general and have lots of experience, which we’ll share with you, but right now this is important. 

We’re in wild times and life seems to have pared itself down to what’s important, what’s real, and it’s time to take care of each other. In twelve days every major city in the world is clear and pollution-free like the 1940s — twelve days. The earth can breath again, and in our isolation we realize how much we really need each other, and we can breath again and take a look at our world that’s quiet like the horse and buggy days. And we can see things now in the bare landscape out there that we never really noticed before.

One thing that we’re even more aware of in this time of contemplation at OmniBlue is the vast proliferation of marketing foods and supplements that has people overwhelmed with choices, and what seems to be good for you is out of most people’s price range. Most of it, you should know, is a lot of colorful ads and made-up ’wow’ expressions for cheap ingredients, and there are a lot of fillers, too. Knowledge is power.

We were lucky enough to have found a way to create these minerals for you, and also happy that we have something real that we know works. We sleep well at night and we want you to as well. Having minerals in your body is like having bones. They hold you up and make everything work, they’re fundamental, and they light up everything else that you take in and transform that into nutrients and energy. We want you to feel good, be happy, and follow your dreams, and having a healthy body with something so simple as this is part of that road.

 Be well! Be safe, stay connected.

—The OmniBlue Team