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May 3, 2020

How would you like to gain the full nutritional power from your foods and supplements? 
Broccolli $1.80 lb, available nutrition average as is 35%, available nutrition with 1 added teaspoon OmniBlue- 100%
Chicken $1.28 lb, available nutrition average as is 45%, available nutrition with 1 added teaspoon OmniBlue 100%
  This can be yours easily: 100% nutritional value per pound of food and supplements . . .
*How does this work? complete, natural spectrum minerals have to be present in your body in order to pull the nutrition from your foods because that’s one of the main functions of minerals- they are critical helpers in extracting food your nutrients and delivering them all over your body and into every single cell, that’s what they do.
*Background: we have few minerals in the soils since the late eighties . . . Over 70% of the US population is deficient in critical minerals, with exercise and coping with stress requiring even more minerals. What’s one of the largest mineral deficiency source? Bottled water . . . it has no minerals of its own and leaches minerals from your body, pretty far from hydration.
*What’s the solution? Keeping your body replenished with full-spectrum ocean minerals, why OmniBlue? OmniBlue has: EVERY SINGLE MINERAL our bodies require, in the EXACT QUANTITY our bodies need to function.
OmniBlue unlocks all of the nutrients from you foods and supplements and transports all of those nutrients throughout your whole body. Foods can only be nutritious when the right minerals are present. Full-spectrum minerals extract nutrients from the foods we consume and deliver them all over our bodies. Without minerals our bodies cannot assimilate the nutrition in food.
Please stay in tune with our articles concerning maximum nutrient extraction and efficiency! To your health . . . and stay healthy! Malcolm and Omni Team