Friends and Family


April 29, 2021

When I first saw our sparkling solar harvest of minerals, it was a spectacular moment. The freshness was breathtaking, and not only that I felt the rawness and pureness of nature, I felt very alive . . .

It's that bigness that I want to talk about today, because in many ways when we all get close to nature we feel this power, it's relaxing, invigorating, and we feel this strange contentment like everything's OK.

I believe that when we immerse ourselves directly with nature that it is so miraculous because these feelings we have bring us closer to who we are. Imagine a beach . . . warm sand, falling asleep with the waves, taking a swim, by the fifth day you are SO relaxed, everything's OK, your life looks clearer, things are in a better perspective, the important simplicities come up and what was once so stressful melts away. And you just want to keep this feeling in however getting you into nature makes you happy.

For me and all of us our minerals are a direct reflection of this power of nature. There's a bigness behind them that you can feel. And make no mistake they are absolutely vital for your health, the details of their compatibility, spectrum, and performance of vital functions in your body are beyond reproach. We are proud to bring them to you and we are aware that they bring you this whole experience too.

We have a commitment to you and to ourselves. We don't compromise anything that we do, we stand apart from the crowd, and we don't follow any norms. We bring you natural minerals in all their purity and power.

We believe that the power of Nature is miraculous and that we all have a right to that pure, rejuvenating sustenance. We commit to bringing you the experience of the life-giving waters and sitting near an open campfire watching the stars in everything that we do. 


— The OmniBlue Mineral Team