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Real Magnesium and Trace Elements Fulfill the Power of a Carnivore-No Carb Diet!

October 26, 2020

Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte that the human body needs for just about everything. Critical in hundreds of enzymatic functions, magnesium is also needed for healthy blood glucose regulation, proper neural functioning, the formation of both DNA and RNA, ATP production, oxidative phosphorylation, muscle contraction and pumping your heart.

It’s been shown for years that Americans do not get the magnesium we need in our diets for a variety of reasons. Pair low dietary intake with lifestyle factors that deplete magnesium and deficiencies in vitamin D needed to both absorb and utilize magnesium and you have a recipe for a health crisis..

Magnesium deficiency has been distinctly linked to many health disorders. These include heart diseases, hypertension, chronic pain, headaches, migraines, impaired blood glucose regulation, improper insulin functioning, low energy, impaired cognitive function, mental health issues and more.

Recent studies are showing urgency for ensuring that you are getting enough magnesium in your diet:

  • A 2015 study of 8894 subjects found that low magnesium intake was associated with depression individuals under the age of 65 [1].
  • A study released in April 2018 showed that oral magnesium supplementation improved blood glucose, lipid regulation, insulin stimulation and anti-inflammatory effects in diabetic animals [2].
  • Yet another April 2018 study showed that low magnesium intake was associated with insulin resistance in otherwise healthy adults [3].
  • A 2016 study showed low serum magnesium levels to be an independent factor in migraine attacks [4].

You like many are perhaps either taking part in or interested in starting a Carnivore / no carb diet for its many health benefits. It’s important that you ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of magnesium in your diet every day as getting enough is often one of the struggles that many people find once they start the diet. 

It’s recommended that men should aim for 400 to 420 milligrams of magnesium per day, and that women have a daily intake goal of 310 to 320 mg of magnesium.

Here’s the problem for those on a Carnivore / no carb diet: Most magnesium-rich foods are found in plants and grains- cereal, beans, gluten-laden bread, potatoes, and rice, all of which can contain at least modest amounts of magnesium are off-limits. 

Within the first few weeks of starting a Carnivore / no carb diet, you may notice certain symptoms which people often compare to a flu. These symptoms may be due to a loss in magnesium.

In the first few weeks of a Carnivore / no carb diet, you can lose a lot more water from the body. As glycogen is stored in the body as one-part glycogen and three parts water, it means that more water is dumped through the kidneys. Since magnesium levels are controlled through the kidneys, this can then inadvertently cause a drop-in serum magnesium levels.

Additionally beyond these initial symptoms at the onset of the diet. Long term it is important to get enough magnesium as deficiency will inevitably set in without a conscious effort to maintain your levels. 

The question becomes how to reach the daily recommended levels of magnesium on a carnivore / no carb diet. Meats like beef, chicken, and pork which often make up a bulk of the foods eaten on the carnivore diet are relatively low in magnesium. While there are carnivore friendly foods like roe (fish eggs), salmon, cod, and mollusks that can be good sources of magnesium. The amounts needed to reach your RDA for magnesium require a significant amount of these foods each day. While possible, for most people this is both an inconvenient and expensive option. 

The option which is easier for most people is to simply get your daily magnesium through supplementation. Taking a supplement allows you to simply and easily ensure that you are giving your body what it needs to be healthy and function properly. Also ensuring that some of the negative side effects and long term deficiency that some people experience on the carnivore / no carb diet are mitigated. 

It’s important to be careful though as many magnesium supplements contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, and capsules which in some cases may include ingredients that aren’t a part of the carnivore / no carb diet. Which is important for those who are taking part in the diet to manage medical conditions which react poorly to certain foods.

There are of course a wide variety of brands and forms of magnesium available on the market for you to choose. However we believe that our mineral supplement is different from the rest and we would love to take a moment and lay out what makes our product so unique and powerful for people on the carnivore / no carb diet.

It all comes down to our source and full-spectrum nature. OmniBlue minerals are true natural minerals that are sustainably solar harvested from the purest waters near the Great Barrier Reef. These waters are unique in how they are constantly being fed by nature’s undersea volcanic springs which constantly replenish and renew complete minerals into the water from under the earth's crust. 

These minerals are in their most perfect, most bioavailable form. The same form that has fed all of life since the very beginning. Notice also that we say minerals and not just magnesium. While magnesium is the most plentiful mineral in OmniBlue with 440mg in each teaspoon. The magnesium in OmniBlue is also supported synergistically by 70+ other trace minerals also found in ocean water. The human body works best when it has a full complement of all the essential major and trace minerals present, and in fact needs them all and in these same balanced proportions. 

This is illustrated by the fact that the mineral content of human blood is almost identical to the ratios found in ocean water. The human body does not single out minerals in vacuum. It is a delicate balance of all the minerals working together to fuel the processes of the body. OmniBlue is the ONLY mineral supplement which contains this balance of magnesium and trace minerals. 

There are other products which market themselves as magnesium and trace mineral supplements. However, the main difference is that many of these products are mined from inland seas. These salt lakes have been separated from the sea for 11,000 years. These island seas have become like a sink you can’t unplug. There is a high risk of absorbing human and animal waste runoff, agricultural chemicals, as well as multiple mining operations that have dotted the region. No longer replenished and renewed by natural sea vents. The beautiful balance of nature has been lost. This source of magnesium has been favored by industry for its ease of mining and low cost. As well compounds of magnesium absorb max 23% and cannot fulfill major bodily functions for lack of the natural family of trace minerals necessary. We believe however, that it’s worth a little more time and effort to bring you the best hand-harvested solar minerals on earth, because we all deserve that!

OmniBlue is also beautiful in its form and simplicity. It comes in a liquid form which is best when blended with any kind of food or drink. Just a teaspoon's worth gives your body everything it needs. You can choose to mix it with your cooking throughout the day, blend it into your soups / stews, or add a couple of drops to each bottle of water you drink to remineralize it

Unlike other magnesium products OmniBlue doesn’t contain any sweeteners artificial or otherwise. In fact it's as simple as minerals and water. Nothing more. It doesn’t expire, and it loves the heat- no temperature in any cooking will ever cause it to lose its potency. 

The biggest testament of all for OmniBlue is how many customers of ours have made OmniBlue a part of their daily health routine, and continue to use OmniBlue month after month. There is no diet which better illustrates the need for magnesium in your diet than the carnivore / no carb diet. So don’t suffer with needless negative symptoms or risk developing any deficiencies, and for once feel like how your body was supposed to feel. Running off of ketogenic energy pathways and supported with a full complement of magnesium and trace minerals from the original source.


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