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February 19, 2021

Real Hydration — the Key to Your Health

I feel a real responsibility to write this because so many people think they are hydrated and they're not, and there's lots of people whose overweight is really water that is not able to get into the cells. 

Back two or three hundred years ago when the aquifers were rich with a full array of minerals from the sediment layers, people were hydrated for this very reason and were healthy, happy, with a slowed down life, and little disease, and we need this back again.

There's many companies with slick marketing telling you that magnesium compounds will bring you all the benefits of minerals, well a single compound can't do that because all the minerals have to be there and related to each other in a natural way. Inland seas tend to have agricultural pollution.

Our minerals are the essence of the waters of life designed by nature and support 80% of life on earth to this day, that's a pretty good testimony and track record for sure. When you have these full minerals with your water everyday, that whole complex will carry the water directly into all your cells by design.

Here's what will happen when you are really hydrated:

  • You'll feel instantly better.
  • Your whole system will be electrically charged and you'll feel that sensation.
  • The full complex minerals can now enter your cells and increase your digestion.
  • Your foods absorb more completely.
  • The water and minerals will refresh your DNA.
  • The minerals and water will get your food nutrients everywhere they need to go.
  • You'll be happy because your body is actually getting nourished for the first time in a long time.

I will probably repeat this information again not too far down the road because it really is the backdoor secret to open up your health. Think about this deeply, and we have a smile because we know that there's a lot more people out there happier because they're healthier, and that's the whole point of why we made a business to get these to you.

 A great daily recipe is one quart + of spring water, plus two or three teaspoons of a sweet rich carb, plus a teaspoon of OmniBlue, plus a squeeze of two of citrus . . . try it, sip all day, delicious . . . and you will instantly feel the sensation of electricity all over your body and your water actually going into your cells!

Make a great week ahead, make some time for yourself you're worth it, relax, because life gets better that way, from all of us at OmniBlue.