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May 27, 2020

We have all experienced an unprecedented lockdown around this virus, so we want to address some of the issues that can come up with that kind of situation and moving forward- refresh our minds with general principles of health that really work. Everyone has experienced this event differently, and here are some of the important general reactions that many people have noticed that we can address uniformly.

First of all- the mass confusion. It’s difficult to process an emergency unknown situation when the causes and solutions offered about it over time are unclear and keep changing. This disrupts the immune system and keeps the adrenals overdone in a perpetual state of panic and uncertainty. Isolation itself can precipitate loneliness, disconnection, and it can also exaggerate existing family issues into more of a problem. During this crisis and little acknowledged are that suicides, depression, abuse, and malnutrition have risen by double, and this is a very serious consequence of the lockdown. 

So, how do we take care of ourselves not only in a medical emergency but for life in general?

1.) Move your body. 20 minutes a day of some movement that you really enjoy will help tremendously, even if it’s just in your kitchen! Dance, stretch, sing, run in place, jump rope, couples yoga, pushups . . . just 20 minutes.

2.) Hydrate. Just plain water does not hydrate you, it has no minerals like wells from long ago. Hydration is: water + citrus + carb (sugar, honey, maple syrup) + full-spectrum minerals. 90% of the US population is dehydrated and yet everybody drinks tons of water, why is that? there are no minerals in the water, they must be there to carry water into the cells. 

3.) Communicate. Check-in and stay connected. Communication is a great boost for the immune- we relax, and we can solve problems before they get out of proportion. We stay connected by having clear, calm communication, it puts everyone at ease, we feel heard and we belong. Tell everyone around you that you love them, and at minimum be kind! Great for the whole body health and reducing stress.

4.) Touch. Give hugs regularly, 5 a day for survival and 20 for growth. Tactile connection is very healthy and is perhaps one of the single most preservers and boosters of your immune!

5.) Laugh. Have you had your laugh of the day? We have to be able to laugh at ourselves a little and honestly there’s a lot of funny stuff, be kind and laugh a lot, it’s a HUGE booster for your health.

6.) Eat well. Don’t diet just eat well. Prepare your own foods, prep in the kitchen with family and friends, grow herbs in a pot, prepare meals you really like and that are reasonably good for you, the great middle ground. And oh, give yourself a treat daily, you’ll live 10 minutes longer!

Remember the treasure that OmniBlue brings to you and that we’re very proud of . . . regular replenishment with OmniBlue creates a high function in all of your bodily systems, and supercharges your immune!  

We sincerely hope that all of you are unwinding successfully from the quarantine. It’s been important to take slow steps in this one and as we re-emerge take good care of yourselves and cherish the positive experiences you have had and take them with you as we rebuild our world . . . the quietness, the pause to look at the bigger picture, and most of all to realize what really matters in our lives and doing what makes us really happy! The OmniBlue Team