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Real Food, Real Minerals

June 30, 2020

 Ah . . . the good old days . . . when the sun was slanting further north telling you it’s fall, it’s called patch farming where you grow a crop and the next autumn you turn the soil over and let it go fallow to let the soil fill with nutrients again. The artesian well goes down 100 feet and taps into the Nebraska aquifer, the water is sweet and delicious, and enough for the farmhouse and all the crops, life is good, the year is 1904, and population of our planet 1.4 billion.  

Re-vitalize your food!  Life in 2020 life is about to improve, it is time, because now we can nourish ourselves again like the wonderful old farming days . . . only better. How? Minerals are key to unlocking all of the nutrition in every single food we consume, and now we have the perfect symmetry with exactly the minerals your body needs to release all the power of your foods, giving your body that contentment of actually feeling nourished. Single element mineral compounds are not nearly enough, and you need them all.  

Make your foods come alive! Like the carrots and breads and foods of yore, you can feel the energy from your meals again all over your body — with ocean minerals supercharging your fluid nutrient transmission system. Why ocean minerals? You need all the minerals there in perfect proportions to effectively release the nutrients locked in your foods.  

COOKING WITH MINERALS! It’s so easy, keep OmniBlue on your kitchen counter as one of your meal preparation basics. Dashes and splashes can be added from breakfast through lunches and dinners, it’s SO easy to take the real minerals that really nourish you! OmniBlue integrates incredibly well, we are VERY low sodium, and a splash here and there throughout the day you’ll have it all. It makes sense now that with nearly 8 billion people agriculture had to get very commercialized to feed us all- but it has stripped our soils, and bottled waters extract precious minerals from your body because they have none.  

We need to regain our nourishment base and feel whole again, and OmniBlue minerals are whole and natural for you. These days stress management is very important to make clear decisions and to live life with gusto and purpose . . . and OmniBlue rebuilds and calms your nerves. Stay tuned for our summer beverage recipe ideas!

From us to you with OmniBlue, 
Malcolm and Team