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November 10, 2020

In the 1800’s there were few major cities, many rural landscapes and farms, and very few electromagnetic frequencies in the air. Fast track to 2020 . . . we have computer monitors, cell phones, large tv screens, wifi routers, and 5G cell phone towers everywhere, and we are saturated.
While research is often conflicted and incomplete, we do have plenty of data demonstrating the clear adverse effects of long-term daily exposure in the form of symptoms:
*twice as fatigued on days that we are computer and cell phone saturated compared to device-free weekends,
*more frequent headaches,
*increased anxiety and depression symptoms,
*brain fog,
*lower resistance in immunity with more frequent colds and flus.
It just makes sense . . . that compared to even 1970 when it was much quieter in the atmosphere we are really swimming in electromagnetic waves . . . and there are now important solutions.
Why do you think cell phones are banned in hospitals and airplanes? The devices emit radiations that adversely affect and scramble the sensitive electronics. Your brain is without question the most phenomenal, miraculous, and most delicate of electrical sophistication ever . . . is it any wonder that that cumulative exposures can affect natural brain waves?

Help is here . . . we are going to give you effective solutions here that positively balance our saturation in emf waves . . . effectively employing and enjoying all the amazing technology around us while shielding yourself and boosting your own immune at the same time-

Magnesium within its family of natural trace elements diminishes free-radical formation and reduces cell damage and aging from radiation. Without sufficient magnesium, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues, degenerates rapidly, and ages prematurely. 
(ref: Virginia Minnich, M. B. Smith, M. J. Brauner, and Philip W. Majerus.Glutathione biosynthesis in human erythrocytes. Department of Internal Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, J Clin Invest. 1971 March; 50(3): 507–513)
Shut off all of your devices and router before bed, your bedroom should be device-free and peaceful 
Be outdoors in nature at least one hour per day in the sunshine and around trees

Add Omni into your beverages, coffee, soups, baking, sauces throughout the day in splashes and small doses and you will accumulate a priceless protection barrier, fortify your immune, and enjoy a highly-functioning metabolism . . .

it does’t get much better!

We’re here to help, and this is why we made our company to provide you with the finest minerals on the earth with multitudes of verifiable benefits . . . Pass this onto friends and we’ll get a lot more people healthier . . .
From All of Us at OmniBlue To You . . .