Amazing Life News


January 19, 2021

We care about you, the same way we care about our family and friends. We don't like long labels that are not worth comprehending. We'd rather meet with friends directly, and if your broken down on the side of the road we'll stop and help out.

We've been taking OmniBlue ourselves for 15 years, and we feel so good and lucky that we want to give you the chance to feel the same way.

We started up OmniBlue on our own, built it ourselves, and we are staying that way. We're smaller than a lot of companies with long ingredients and we believe that's one of the reasons why we're better. We didn't hire a spokesperson for a bunch of money because frankly you all speak for yourselves, and the many people commenting on us with real and positive experiences says it all. 

So as we're all in the first days of this decade together let's make it a good one. 

We need minerals every day. Our foods no longer deliver them, and OmniBlue delivers nature's best. Easy to take, mix with beverages and throughout meals, you’ll know they work because you'll feel better, sustainably harvested and wholesome.

Spring will be welcome. We are looking forward to seeing the first early flowers and dogwood blossoms and plantings.  Our dogs are looking forward too . . . I know it's early, yet it feels good!
Take care of yourselves, Malcolm and the Omni Family