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OmniBlue: Magnesium Purity Your Family Can Count On

April 23, 2017

Many familes are turning to the nutritional benefits of Magnesium and trace minerals to relieve the symptoms of constipation, migraines, muscle pain, anxiety, and for optimal health. However, for magnesium to be an effective way of improving your health. It's important that the source of your minerals be not only pure and free of polution but that it also be easy for your body to absorbe and utilize. 

Consumers have many options for where to get their magnesium. What most consumers don’t know is that not all mineral supplements are the same. The source from which these minerals are mined is often not disclosed to the public. Currently almost all of the magnesium supplements in the United States come from dead inland water sources such as those found in and near Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The United States' largest magnesium producer, which supplies magnesium for almost all magnesium supplements, has been ranked as one of the largest polluters in the nation. These quotes and photographs describe the state of magnesium mining in the USA. 

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told the world Thursday that the Utah plant of the Magnesium Corp. of America - formerly AMAX - is the nation's worst air polluter. The EPA also said Utah skies receive the sixth most toxic chemicals from industrial pollution of any state - with 92 percent of it coming from Magcorp's plant in Rowley, Tooele County, on the western shore of the Great Salt Lake."

"Special EPA computerized data given to congressmen Thursday said Magcorp emitted 110 million pounds of toxics. Magcorp spokesman Lee Brown said the company reported emitting 102 million pounds of chlorine gas - a 50 percent increase over the previous year because of increased production. That made it the nation's worst single air polluter for the second straight year. Magcorp released almost three times as much as the second-worst air polluter, Tennessee Eastman Co. of Kingsport, Tenn., which emitted 40 million pounds. Magcorp's pollution accounted not only for 92 percent of toxics released to Utah's air, but also for 73 percent of all toxics released to Utah's overall environment of land, air and water." 

"EPA figures show Utah had 135 million tons of toxics released to its environment. That included 119.41 million pounds to the air, 15.3 million to land, 255,653 to water and 900,304 transported to waste-storage facilities.” 

Magnesium that you can purchase over the counter usually comes bonded with other minerals and chemicals such as magnesium citrate, which is produced after being processed through hundreds of chemical reactions, making it cheap to produce but poorly absorbed by the body and far from the natural form of magnesium found in nature and in food. 

At OmniBlue the level of pollution found in and associated with the production and chemical manipulation of magnesium and other minerals concerns us. This is why we have been harvesting the purest natural form of magnesium in the world. 

Unlike other magnesium supplements OmniBlue harvests our minerals from ocean water from the southern Antarctic Pacific Currents of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This reef is over 2,000 square miles and looks like an opal jewel from above.

The reef has been protected for hundreds of years by the Australian Government with no shipping or agriculture allowed on or near the reef and is a National Treasure. OmniBlue Ocean Minerals, along with our manufacturer, has direct permission from the Australian Government each year to procure live ocean water for purposes of making the minerals, with absolutely no negative impact whatsoever on the reef. The reef waters are pure and have maintained their untouched, natural beauty for many millennia.

Great Barrier Reef

We use a proprietary, 100% solar process to create our minerals, unique in the world and with zero carbon footprint. We let nature create the raw minerals that are the most highly concentrated, low-sodium and full-spectrum minerals on the planet, in the most immediately digestible 100% bionic synergistic form.

Our QC/GMP Laboratories and Chromadex test each and every batch of OmniBlue. Each batch is assigned a lot number, signed, dated, and logged to be certified as true ocean-mineral analysis, and completely free of any contaminants and biohazards. Our minerals have experienced no contaminants of any kind for thirty years and counting.

OmniBlue minerals are full-spectrum macro and trace elements fundamental for the function of the entire body as much as air, fire, and water. Each element must be in its natural proportions and full-compliment to function properly and nourish your system.

These natural, inorganic nutrients serve as the fundamental matrix in our bodies, interfacing with and supporting every aspect of your physiology. Macro and trace elements are the bodies' metabolic agents: they must be present to extract the nutrients from our foods, herbs, and supplements, and they are also responsible for the distribution of all these nutrients with high effectiveness to nourish all of your 3 trillion cells through providing electrical-electrolyte fluid currents. 

This is the most fundamental, necessary, and essential nutritional food on your shelf. Replenishing with OmniBlue consistently assures a broad spectrum of mineral coverage for your exercise and stresses, and replaces the lack of minerals in our food supplies and drinking water.