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In The Age Of Covid 19 Full-Spectrum Minerals Are Essential For Your Strong Immune System

June 15, 2020

By Malcolm MacDonald, Chief Minerals Officer


What Is the Immune System?

The body's defense against infections. This system attacks germs and helps keep us healthy. A functional immune system is necessary for our bodies to limit or even avoid infections. 

What is the real key?

The presence of all the necessary macro and trace minerals are required to make the immune function, it’s what they do.

Why full-spectrum minerals?

Without specific full-spectrum minerals the immune system cannot work! Full-spectrum minerals support every physiological system in the body creating a powerful, cumulative effect.

The substantial functions that minerals perform daily in your system directly result in a robust, active, and vital immune response and resistance! 

The importance of having the full, natural array of minerals cannot be overstated.

The human body and real ocean minerals both share the same 70+ minerals and trace elements, in the same quantities and proportions! Therefore, OmniBlue contains all the essential minerals that your body needs to replenish with precision. For example, the perfect amounts of zinc, selenium, gold, potassium, chlorides, magnesium. Providing your body with all the daily mineral requirements- exactly and naturally proportioned in the quantity and consistency your body needs. 

What is the significance of Systemic Immune System Pro-action? 

Many supplements target only one area of immune strengthening in the body. There is no harm in supplementing but they only target one system. For instance, reishi mushrooms boosts the kidney-adrenal function. That is ok, it just does not boost every other system.

Why not activate the regenerating power of all your bodies systems? This is exactly what OmniBlue full-spectrum minerals do, systemically fortifying and sustaining every major physiological system in your body . . .

Systemic Actions of OmniBlue:

In short we are able to sustain the functions of 2,000+ physiological activities by definition of full-spectrum minerals  including nervous system and brain functions, heart maintenance and internal organ functioning, white blood cell and bone marrow generation, natural enzyme production, liver and lung health. 


**It is important to note that manufactured compounds (such as magnesium citrate, oxide, sulphate), and labeling that infers ionized or ocean minerals which are actually inland sea (incomplete, non-circulating, high-risk for pollution) cannot and do not fulfill or sustain complete biological or physiology systems. Mono-compounds are incomplete and risk imbalance of minerals.  These also have poor absorption with a maximum rate of 23%.

We are proud to bring you our pure and powerful immune-sustaining minerals. Please add to your summer drinks, soups, salads, sauces, etc. OmniBlue likes heat and easily spreads through the daily meals and Voila! we have our perfect minerals in the perfect quantities.

To Your health!