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October 1, 2020

The incidence of diabetes is going up in the US, and there are many people suffering with the symptoms including children below the age of ten.
We became aware of Dr. Mildred Seelig M.D/ MPH some years ago, and she and several research colleagues formed the Magnesium Conference twenty years ago. They conducted many double-blind/ double-placebo studies concerning magnesium and diabetes, and the results are astounding.
To quote Dr. Seelig: "Most modern diabetes and heart disease is caused by magnesium deficiency." Her opinion is- and supported by hundreds of gold standard studies, that magnesium can reduce the occurrences of diabetes and reverse the symptoms. Currently 30 million people in the US are diabetic and 70 million pre-diabetic. (ref: CDC, jul 18th, 2017)
HERE’S THE KEY: as cell magnesium levels drop due to lack of magnesium this elevates the calcium far too much. 
Consequences: Low magnesium-high calcium over time precipitates into high blood pressure, overabundance of stress hormones, obesity, cholesterol, too little insulin.
Result: often these magnesium deficiency symptoms combine and lead into diabetes. 
Solution: raise the serum blood and cell magnesium levels! (ref: Resnick, L. M. Journal of American Society of Nephrology 3 1992, S78-85) 
In order to be effective, magnesium must be present with its full array of related trace minerals that also naturally exist in your body. Ocean-sourced minerals and your body’s mineral composition are exactly the same. OmniBlue has all the exact synergistic minerals you need in the exact quantities that you require daily. Mono-elements and magnesium compounds cannot accomplish this on their own.
We are thrilled to share this with you, and the possibility that by increasing your cell magnesium levels with viable magnesium that you can be healthy again!
Minerals are not produced by the body and they must be replenished everyday for the body to be healthy. 
HOW? IT’S EASY! Splash OmniBlue INTO YOUR MEAL PREPS, SALAD DRESSINGS, BEVERAGES, COFFEE IS OUTRAGEOUS, SAUCES, BAKING, MILK, HOT WINTER BREAKFAST CEREALS . . . you’ll discover how easily you get your 400mg daily requirement of magnesium and 70+ synergistic trace elements, and how quickly your cell magnesium levels rise and you can start experiencing new levels of transformation and health . . .
All of us from the OmniBlue Team wish you the good health to pursue your dreams!