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Happy Holidays!!! And Time for Reflection...

December 5, 2021

As busy as Christmas gets, and all of us rushing to make sure all the wonderful details are accomplished with that nice touch . . . this is also a time for reflection.

We believe in the power of giving ourselves some room and simply getting quiet. A lot of insights can happen in the calm, remarkable ones and inspiring ideas for the future, and guess what . . . quietness is actually one of the biggest attributes of who we are.

Give yourself the gift of yourself this Season as well, coming home, you'll have a smile and so won't everyone around you . . . spread the Love!

As an important self-care tip also during these tumultuous times of viruses and Covid, don't fear- shore up! Our pure 100% assimilable magnesium increases uptake of oxygen by significant percentages, thereby maintaining and supporting your lungs and increasing their natural resistance and immunity for all the flus. Ref: PubMed, Endocrine Journal, 1998 Apr; 45(2):277-83. doi: 10.1507/endocrj.45.277.

This study confirms that decreased magnesium levels are correlated with less oxygen uptake, and reciprocally that increased magnesium levels commensurate with the daily adequate intake of 420mg/daily significantly increases oxygen intake and thus the robust oxygenation of your body. This will help you remarkably with resiliency and endurance during flus.

We sincerely wish you all enjoyable, relaxing, and nourishing Holidays with the connection of family and friends, and together we are greater than any force out there!!!

Be well, from all of us at OmniBlue . . .