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December 2, 2020

It has been a long and interesting journey since I started this ocean mineral company. I began with $200 with an art student from UCLA creating the first website, and filling my first 300 bottles in 2004 by stumbling into a CocaCola filling place in LA. I had no idea of the massiveness of this place nor the manager's responsibilities, but he liked me and my dream. We laughed together talking from his convertible Mustang when he told me that he usually fills 300,000 Cokes everyday, but he would clean the lines late at nite and fill mine, I put the labels on by hand afterwards and gave them out to stores. I've never had angel investing and built everything step by step as we grew naturally, along with the trusty crew and associates that have been with me all along . . . they liked the idea too and hung in there with me. 

 Before that I met the wonderful older gentleman in Australia who's genius incepted this whole process, we met up not because I was looking for a new business but because I naturally resonated and understood the impact of these solar-harvested ocean minerals, that gets me going. He was awesome and offered that I start producing and introducing in the USA, I thought what a privilege and also really exciting. On a personal journal level I can tell you that I've had plenty of stresses just like you and all of us, and this has been my experience of taking these minerals for the last sixteen years . . .

 I have taken them mostly everyday, but the experiences of missing maybe three of four days in a row made me realize just how important they are, I would crave them. I was rebuilding my nerves after a big car accident, I can tell you that any stresses that came my way I was very resilient and I know that these minerals built my myelin sheath just as are they are supposed to, I could feel it- by the way magnesium compounds cannot do this because the minerals have to be present in full complex and in unison. I had a small family at the time my wife and two baby boys, I felt fresh and effervescent, everything that came my way like exhaustion and worry I handled quite easily, I thought how strange normally I would be flying around more and more exaggerated but no, I was much calmer . . . these really work, hmmmm, doing the right thing.  

 Some days I shouldn't have slept, I did, I got more energy from less food, and my sugar proclivity shall we say waned naturally thank goodness, although the homemade chocolate cake from time to time well felt well-deserved. I wasn't perfect but my calmness surprised me, much more peaceful and stresses rolling off me, I could get quiet and meditate more naturally, again not exactly like me as I'm intense and when overdone get more reactive . . . the only thing I was doing differently were the minerals everyday, two liters of water, citrus, a touch of natural sugar, and one teaspoon of minerals . . . delicious, refreshing, hydrating. This fueled all of my educating with our customers, they would call, I went to stores, I wrote on our website, these work! and I knew why more and more. 

 And here we all are, and it's really cool having all of you with us and all of our customers everywhere writing to us getting better, and how all this grew from real knowledge and the pleasure of helping people . . . I have to appreciate our team as well, I didn't advertise we just grew from natural attraction and awesome talent. Well, keep on enjoying your wise choice of our minerals, and we'll keep on deepening our knowledge and passing all that onto you . . . Enjoy the Holidays . . . be safe . . . and connect and Love one another! Malcolm and the OmniBlue team