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DOWN HOME...The Waters of Life

March 11, 2021

 We're doing our best to keep life simple, and part of that is simplicity in the very minerals that we sell. We notice that when life is happier and fulfilling there's always this simplicity to it as well, and you've probably noticed that too.

You know a lot about our minerals by now, but case in point if you take the power in simplicity that we are, the waters of life, and apply it elsewhere that's where life gets interesting. It's not like you can get homegrown tomatoes in the supermarkets, but we can make decisions there on what we buy that make a REAL difference. Choose the cleanest simplest ingredients as possible, just give the label a quick glance. You can't help buying something with indiscernible ingredients from time to time, but in large part we have control and we're going to feel better for it. 

Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables and find tasty ways to cook them, and life's better already. Any local farmers with chicken and eggs? Get them there and you'll make some friends if you haven't already. Local fishermen are great too when the seasons are right, great springtime small fish spawning ocean side and in May great small fish in the roaring fresh water streams.

The point is when we take a little time, and for ourselves too, everything slows down and really we get more done. We have the power within the market — if you have a lot of people steering away from chemicals and taste enhancers in foods, guess what? They don't have sales and those foods disappear. 

The point is, you deserve it and we all do, good nourishment and community is our birthright and not something we pay double for. One of the great assets of OmniBlue which is one of the reasons we love our minerals, is that when they are in your bloodstream everyday they will extract ALL the nutrients from your foods and supplements and make ALL those nutrients available to every cell in your body! Not because we say so or we hired a doctor to impress, this is what ONLY full-spectrum minerals are designed to do by Nature.

Double the nutritional power of your grocery bill, sit a spell, put your feet up, YOU DESERVE IT! From all of us at OmniBlue . . .