Friends and Family


October 20, 2020


We are aware that while these times are seemingly precarious for us in the US and in the whole world, we want to share some very positive seeds of hope inevitably hidden within them.
Periods of chaos such as we are all experiencing are always precursors of better things to come. Chaos mixes up the world as we know it in order to make room to see and shake off the old and produce the things we DO want. 
 THE KEYNOTE of our era right now is . . . the fact that collectively and in each of us:
*we are able to make change and 
*we are the creators of that change
We know especially now that leaving the details of our lives up to society and corporations clearly doesn’t work . . .  
If 5,000 people show up at a council meeting, guess what? The agenda’s going to change. Tired of the list of 60 ingredients that you don’t know on most of your food labels? There are thousands of groups to join and change can happen . . . Monsanto was literally forced to remove an insidious chemical ingredient nine years ago because ten million people joined on Twitter and suddenly they had no customers. Feel the power.
We’re not only about minerals, we care about you, and we have an abundance of experience to share with you because we believe that real health is
*doing what you love, if you’re not, put your head in your heart
*being connected to friends, mates, and family in ways that we can be free to comment, hug, relax, and feel part of life, everyone deserves that
*demanding your birthright of good, delicious, nourishing foods, learning to know the difference, and getting the power of your own health back into your hands.
Stay tuned with us as we navigate these new waters together, and watch our blogs and social media because our minerals are real, they work, and we know lots of other health essentials that we are sharing with you.
One for all and all for one! Take care, feel your power, and be relaxed . . .
Malcolm and the Omni Team