Friends and Family Blog

Back in the Saddle

May 15, 2022

Dear Friends and Family,

Well it's been awhile since our last newsletter and we have been very busy revamping many aspects of our business. We will soon have a new internet and mobile phone homepage which will be fresher and even easier to navigate, and some exciting new products which you will find very effective and useful.

One of the aspects of our times right now that we have been dealing with is inflation. We have maintained for example our $29.95 retail price for our 8oz for twelve years without changing. The average price range for most supplements these days is $39.95, and even higher.

We have been experiencing hefty increases in our packaging, shipping, and filling costs, just about everywhere. In order to honor our commitment and be able to provide you with the best minerals on the planet, we need to keep our company financially sound and healthy.

Thus we have implemented the minimum increase in retail to keep us rolling and you healthy. We have made the following adjustments and are still well below the average supplement retail: 8oz $32.95, 2oz $14.95. 

We are excited about serving you and thrilled with your many responses on how our solar-harvest natural minerals are helping because that's what makes us happiest. 

Our newsletter will resume regularly soon . . . keep an eye out for great health info and our new products!

In best health and well-being,
Malcolm and the OmniBlue Team