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Autumn and Your Health

September 28, 2021

Autumn is an important time of year. Personally we love it — after all the outgoing activities activities of summer, which are great in their own right, now there's a distinct change in the air.

Raking leaves, warmer meals, chillier nights are all signs of more inward time and taking stock. This is kind of standard but we really like the metaphor of the squirrels gathering nuts, a perfect idea of taking care of ourselves and shoring up.

First of all, cooking and meal preps, there's nothing like that coziness as fall draws us all inside and together. Have you noticed food prices going up a lot? Us too, and we're here to help. We know that our minerals are the only configuration of natural mineral goodness available that are built to do the following . . .

Have our minerals on your kitchen counter . . . because we just increased your nutritional gain from your grocery shop 100%. How? Our minerals, the Life-Giving waters of the planet, are obviously Nature's perfect formula not only for all life on earth but if they're present they will release every molecule of nutrition from every meal, from every supplement that you take, and hydrating every glass of water as you sip. As the perfect arrangement of all the minerals balanced, in one place, that's what they do, that's their purpose, they are agents of nutritional gain in your body.

It's why we made the company . . . it's amazing to give you the power of the ocean — something electrifying that you can feel in your body, and also that by their nature they 100% release and distribute all your food nutrients throughout your body. Please remember to save yourself even more money . . . magnesium compounds cannot accomplish this — magnesium chloride or citrate did not create life. 

So just a teaspoon distributed throughout your day . . . in your water, dashed into all your preps (we love heat too), and your get full mineral replenishment- to keep your real energy going (not candy bar energy) and you gain the maximum nutrition from all your meals making your shop 100% efficient. OmniBlue ocean goodness also systemically builds and supports every physiology in your body by nature and your IMMUNE SYSTEM WILL BE NATURALLY VERY STRONG.

We love that we can help you. Enjoy raking the leaves, taking stock, building a fire, and the real power in being able to take care of yourself . . .

The OmniBlue Team