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Are You Getting 100% of the Goodness from Your Food Budget?

September 12, 2021

FACT #1: You need the ocean's full-spectrum minerals — the same ones that have given life to us all in the first place, to release all the goodness from your foods and nourish your whole body fully. That's what ocean minerals do — magnesium compounds and mineral concoctions on the markets today do not and cannot do that by definition. 

FACT #2 : We are only acquiring 40–60% of the nutritional content of our grocery shops these days because of a lack of minerals. Long ago minerals were much more abundant in our soils and waters, and we had 90% less occurrence of serious disease and cancers. You now have the opportunity for full remineralization of your body, abundant health, and less money on your groceries.

FACT #3: Your real opportunity is here: your body's mineral composition is literally a mirror-image of ocean water, and 80% of life on earth still thrives in our oceans. OmniBlue's Life-Giving Waters are our gift to you, and the unaltered essence of Life itself.

WHAT is the real significance for you here? 

OmniBlue is Nature's original blue-water formula that has been nourishing all Life on earth for four billion years and counting . . . and now yours. You are replenishing with the very waters of life itself. Ocean minerals perform the fundamental processes of every single physiological activity in your body. No single compounds or supplements can do this, ocean water replenishment is basic and necessary to get healthier, strengthen your immune naturally, get the most nutrition from your food budget, and thrive.

You will gain 100% of the nutrition from all your grocery shopping: ocean minerals orchestrate the release of all of your food and supplement intakes because that's what they do, and delivery all that goodness all over your body, and also run all the activities of your body.

Just a teaspoon a day cooking with OmniBlue, hydrating your water, and making every dollar count at the grocery store!  

From us at OmniBlue to You . . .