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July 12, 2020

OmniBlue defines functional ingredients. The term functional ingredient has become popular in all kinds of consumer packaged foods and beverages. It is important for us to understand what that really means. 
 A primary functional ingredient is one that sustains life. By definition, OmniBlue is a primary functional ingredient because we need the full array of minerals in our body for the whole system to work, literally. Our bodies only function when full-spectrum minerals are present. It is a team effort. Secondary and tertiary functional ingredients are not necessary for the whole system to work and are not required on a daily basis. Secondary and tertiary functional ingredients are simply nice to have but not primary . . . like Vitamin C for a cold, or mint tea for a headache. 
 Primary functional ingredients are also bioactive. This means they are able to absorb effectively thereby catalyzing the system to perform all of its vital functions. Believe it or not, most minerals in the market today absorb at around 23%. (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/14596323/). Mono elements such as magnesium sulphate, citrate, oxide are not complete. Our  body needs all the minerals to work properly. 
 Minerals are most effective when all of them are present exactly as they are in our body. Each micronutrient is potentized by the presence of the others. Mono elements also cause imbalance due to the lack of 70+ minerals that need to be there and are required by our body. This is akin to having a baseball team with a pitcher but no catcher. All the parts are necessary to make the whole.
Here is a clever way to add real functionality to your foods at home: add OB to your food when cooking! Our minerals accept heat and cold and everything in between without altering their effectiveness. Personally, I like to add a dash in sauces, soup and my favorite mango smoothie, a little goes a long way!
Enjoy in good health!
Malcolm CMO (Chief Minerals Officer)