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September 28, 2021

Autumn is an important time of year. Personally we love it- after all the outgoing activities activities of summer which are great in their own right, now there's a distinct change in the air.

Raking leaves, warmer meals, chillier nights are all signs of more inward time and taking stock. This is kind of standard but we really like the metaphor of the squirrels gathering nuts, a perfect idea of taking care of ourselves and shoring up.

First of all, cooking and meal preps, there's nothing like that coziness as fall draws us all inside and together. Have you noticed food prices going up a lot? Us too, and we're here to help- and we know that our minerals are the only configuration of natural mineral goodness available that are built to do the following . . .

Have our minerals on your kitchen counter . . . because we just increased your nutritional gain from your grocery shop 100%. How? Our minerals, the Life-Giving waters of the planet, are obviously Nature's perfect formula not only for all life on earth but if they're present they will release every molecule of nutrition from every meal, from every supplement that you take, and hydrating every glass of water as you sip. As the perfect arrangement of all the minerals balanced, in one place, that's what they do, that's their purpose, they are agents of nutritional gain in your body.

It's why we made the company . . . it's amazing to give you the power of the ocean- something electrifying that you can feel in your body, and also that by their nature they 100% release and distribute all your food nutrients throughout . . .


September 12, 2021

FACT #1: You need the ocean's full-spectrum minerals- the same ones that have given life to us all in the first place, to release all the goodness from your foods and nourish your whole body fully. That's what ocean minerals do- magnesium compounds and mineral concoctions on the markets today do not and cannot do that by definition. 

FACT #2 : We are only acquiring 40-60% of the nutritional content of our grocery shops these days because of a lack of minerals. Long ago minerals were much more abundant in our soils and waters, and we had 90% less occurrence of serious disease and cancers. You now have the opportunity for full remineralization of your body, abundant health, and less money on your groceries.

FACT #3: Your real opportunity is here: your body's mineral composition is literally a mirror-image of ocean water, and 80% of life on earth still thrives in our oceans. OmniBlue's Life-Giving Waters are our gift to you, and the unaltered essence of Life itself.

WHAT is the real significance for you here? 

OmniBlue is Nature's original blue-water formula that has been nourishing all Life on earth for four billion years and counting . . . and now yours. You are replenishing with the very waters of life itself. Ocean minerals perform the fundamental processes of every single physiological activity in your body. No single compounds or supplements can do this, ocean water replenishment is basic and necessary to get healthier, strengthen your immune naturally, get the most nutrition from your food budget, and . . .


July 27, 2021


The perfect companion for our original classic 8oz ingestible is our new OceanPower Topical Mineral Spray . . . easing pain, delivering restful sleep and improving your health. Now you can receive the benefits of our ocean minerals inside and out . . . and here's how.

While our classic 8-oz serves the needs of your digestion and metabolism perfectly — OmniBlue is fundamental to over 3,000 physiological activities every day — OceanPowerTopical spray enters our sparkling array of minerals through the microcirculation of your skin. The outstanding benefits?

OceanPower is your natural pain reliever; it is just superb. What is in OceanPower? We combine organic aloe vera for its emollient and skin nourishing properties with our ocean minerals. With just four sprays, you receive 293mg of pure ionized magnesium, 63mg of potassium, very low sodium, and 726mg of ionized chlorides — the worlds most potent delivery of electrolytes — and all of our 70+ balanced trace minerals. OceanPower's native properties help to ease your pain . . . spray on and smooth into your skin, tissues, and muscles. Excellent for soreness after sports, muscle cramps, sore necks, inflammation in joints and hands; these are just some of the ways OceanPower can make you a better day!

OceanPower is conducive to deeper sleep as well; just spray onto your feet and chest before sleep and feel the minerals and aloe soothe your nerves and prepare you to sleep like a baby. 

Please watch our website and social media for further news . . . and ENJOY YOUR NEW MINERAL BUDDIES for mineral goodness inside and out . . . OmniBlue's Original 8oz ingestible and OceanPower Spray . . . from . . .


June 21, 2021

The Real Fundamental Forces of Nature 

There aren't very many: sunlight, water, fire, air, earth, and that special mix that has given us life on earth — our life-giving blue waters. You can't live without these, and together they make up life as we know it. These are literally the very forces of Nature. That's why we do what we do. Life is meant to combine these and we be part of them in all their purity. And they give back to us as Life does and support us. 

The air we breathe needs to be clean and fresh. Fire brings light and the ability ultimately to transform our foods into a very nourishing complexity of flavor and nutrients. Fresh water and earth are a natural because there's hydration. Sunlight, vitamin D, and we need the light. Our job is to encourage you to get yourself in the middle of these as often as you can, and if you do . . . you will feel renewed, invigorated, relaxed, whole, very alive, and much happier. 

We're actually built from ocean minerals from the ground up from our bones to the electrical plasma fluid surrounding every cell in our bodies. When our ocean minerals are replenished, then you're looking at energizing your whole body because that's what our minerals actually do . . . they are not optional or supplemental, they make your body work. Our minerals are agents that leverage every single activity in your body at optimal levels.

So when you take us in everyday you're building, energizing, organizing, and generating to the highest levels, you're going to feel better certainly and we think eventually great. 

We believe that in giving you our minerals that we are immersing you in an oceanic experience of serious necessary nourishment, and putting you in the middle of the pure . . .


June 07, 2021

GET OUT THERE!  Well as we are entering summer 2021 we are also re-emerging from the long Covid phenomenon . . . what an experience. We believe that one of the best things you could do this summer is to get out in Nature any way that you can and in a way that gives you a smile! IT'S IMPORTANT here's nothing like it . . .

Just in your backyard . . . take a break in the cool early evening light and watch your vegetables grow. Get those still warm tomatoes on your summer table add some herbs and take in the nourishment and sweetness of nature. Plan a trip by the ocean, warm up in the sands, and take an exhilarating plunge. Sit by a campfire and watch the stars. Sit under the shade of your big ole favorite tree and just watch the world go by.

You'll get a new perspective . . . you see, we believe that when we immerse ourselves in the nature around us that amazing things happen . . . first of all we deserve it: nature is here for us to reconnect us to nourish us and to relax us. It's how we from time to time re-discover who we are, and get away from the goings on of the world and get relaxed. We all need it.

You deserve to relax . . . and that energy that's always just around your corner in nature is all yours. It's the same reason why we started this business to bring you directly into the experience of nature and have you feel that recuperation, calmness, and re-energizing literally through our minerals . . . you can feel it, you are recharged, our ocean waters of life bring you right there every time and that's our dedication to you and our purpose.

Enjoy the collective recovery of our essential freedoms, and we'll be in touch soon!

—Malcolm and the OmniBlue Minerals . . .


April 29, 2021

When I first saw our sparkling solar harvest of minerals, it was a spectacular moment. The freshness was breathtaking, and not only that I felt the rawness and pureness of nature, I felt very alive . . .

It's that bigness that I want to talk about today, because in many ways when we all get close to nature we feel this power, it's relaxing, invigorating, and we feel this strange contentment like everything's OK.

I believe that when we immerse ourselves directly with nature that it is so miraculous because these feelings we have bring us closer to who we are. Imagine a beach . . . warm sand, falling asleep with the waves, taking a swim, by the fifth day you are SO relaxed, everything's OK, your life looks clearer, things are in a better perspective, the important simplicities come up and what was once so stressful melts away. And you just want to keep this feeling in however getting you into nature makes you happy.

For me and all of us our minerals are a direct reflection of this power of nature. There's a bigness behind them that you can feel. And make no mistake they are absolutely vital for your health, the details of their compatibility, spectrum, and performance of vital functions in your body are beyond reproach. We are proud to bring them to you and we are aware that they bring you this whole experience too.

We have a commitment to you and to ourselves. We don't compromise anything that we do, we stand apart from the crowd, and we don't follow any norms. We bring you natural minerals in all their purity and power.

We believe that the power of Nature is miraculous and that we all have a right to that pure, rejuvenating sustenance. We commit to bringing you the experience of the life-giving waters and sitting near an open campfire watching the stars in everything that we do. 


— The OmniBlue . . .


DOWN HOME...The Waters of Life
March 11, 2021

 We're doing our best to keep life simple, and part of that is simplicity in the very minerals that we sell. We notice that when life is happier and fulfilling there's always this simplicity to it as well, and you've probably noticed that too.

You know a lot about our minerals by now, but case in point if you take the power in simplicity that we are, the waters of life, and apply it elsewhere that's where life gets interesting. It's not like you can get homegrown tomatoes in the supermarkets, but we can make decisions there on what we buy that make a REAL difference. Choose the cleanest simplest ingredients as possible, just give the label a quick glance. You can't help buying something with indiscernible ingredients from time to time, but in large part we have control and we're going to feel better for it. 

Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables and find tasty ways to cook them, and life's better already. Any local farmers with chicken and eggs? Get them there and you'll make some friends if you haven't already. Local fishermen are great too when the seasons are right, great springtime small fish spawning ocean side and in May great small fish in the roaring fresh water streams.

The point is when we take a little time, and for ourselves too, everything slows down and really we get more done. We have the power within the market — if you have a lot of people steering away from chemicals and taste enhancers in foods, guess what? They don't have sales and those foods disappear. 

The point is, you deserve it and we all do, good nourishment and community is our birthright and not something we pay double for. One of the great assets of OmniBlue which is one of the reasons we love our minerals, is that when they are in your bloodstream everyday they will extract ALL the nutrients from your foods and . . .


February 19, 2021

Real Hydration — the Key to Your Health

I feel a real responsibility to write this because so many people think they are hydrated and they're not, and there's lots of people whose overweight is really water that is not able to get into the cells. 

Back two or three hundred years ago when the aquifers were rich with a full array of minerals from the sediment layers, people were hydrated for this very reason and were healthy, happy, with a slowed down life, and little disease, and we need this back again.

There's many companies with slick marketing telling you that magnesium compounds will bring you all the benefits of minerals, well a single compound can't do that because all the minerals have to be there and related to each other in a natural way. Inland seas tend to have agricultural pollution.

Our minerals are the essence of the waters of life designed by nature and support 80% of life on earth to this day, that's a pretty good testimony and track record for sure. When you have these full minerals with your water everyday, that whole complex will carry the water directly into all your cells by design.

Here's what will happen when you are really hydrated:

  • You'll feel instantly better.
  • Your whole system will be electrically charged and you'll feel that sensation.
  • The full complex minerals can now enter your cells and increase your digestion.
  • Your foods absorb more completely.
  • The water and minerals will refresh your DNA.
  • The minerals and water will get your food nutrients everywhere they need to go.
  • You'll be happy because your body is actually getting nourished for the first . . .